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A lil’ compliment never harms

Today, January 24, is National Compliment Day where it is set aside to shower compliments on, at least, five persons. According to, compliments lift the spirit of the giver and provide a quick et easy way to cement bonds in a positive way with those we come into contact with. It dispels loneliness and forges bond.

More can be found on n

It’s a day where I am blogging exclusively to shower compliments on at least five people whose works I admire and with whom I have a strong connect. These souls give me good vibes and it’s an honor to read them. I have never met some of them personally and most  are my friends on Facebook, with whom I have an emotional and soulful connection. Over the months, we have connected, the bond has strengthened with time. I admit that there are more than five souls whom I admire a lot and it’s a tough task to list all. I apologize to all those whose names I have omitted. Trust me, it’s a strenuous task.

For the National Compliment Day, here are five names that I have decided to shower praise on. Complimenting someone is very healthy and it lifts one’s spirit and please accept my appreciation.


1. Sakshi Nanda

What an honor it is to shower praise and compliments on Sakshi Nanda ( and the lady is a brand in excellence. One just have to read Sakshi’s posts and your writing skills will automatically improve. There are many times when I face writer’s block and I just hop on Sakshi’s blog to get inspiration to write. Where do you get such inspiration, Sakshi? She’s one lady who has an amazing sense of humor and check her FB updates and blog for that. I am simply in awe of Sakshi.

2. Soumya Vilekar

An accomplished poet, book writer and blogger, Soumya Vilekar is based in Dubai and I had the honor to do a review of her latest book, ‘Suroor of the Soul’ that was recently launched in Delhi. Soumya is a very dear friend of mine and I am in awe of the poems that she churns out so effortlessly. Soumya blogs at her personal space,, and what you waiting for to say hi to her. She is simply amazing.

3. Kajal Kapur

The lady who just celebrated her birthday runs where she blogs about almost everything and is a huge and self-confessed fan of Hindi movies and, of course, Salman Khan. What more can one say about Kajal? Words fail me to express my pleasure at reading her work and what’s more she has also started another blog for her love for movies, In one word, sheer pleasure to read you, Kajal.

4. Zinal Bhadra

Zinal blogs at and she is a very good friend of mine with whom I can be myself. Well! We’ve never met each other and we connected so strongly through appreciating each other’s blogs. She is an amazing blogger whose work I am in awe where she makes everything she writes so beautiful and glamorous. She has the power to make the simple posts so attractive and beautiful. Kudos to the lady who also penned a book, ‘She is not an MBA.’

5. Anuja Rathi Singh

Anuja was my class mate at Fergusson College and is a very accomplished person as well as trained psychologist in Pune. She blogs at Life ( and she is the first blogger whom I started reading and following since 2008. Her posts are a big WoW and is such an effortless blogger, who churns so many amazing stuffs. It’s an education to read Anuja and her posts based on her observations of things.

Honestly, I don’t think that National Compliment Day can be complete without mentioning the names and works of other blogger friends. One name that come to my mind is Revathi ( whose work I admire a lot. She is an effortless blogger and an inspiration. Her posts are simply awesome and I am a huge fan of her’s. I am also huge fan of who has a very cute blog and who writes beautiful and cute stuffs as well as Sneha Bhat who blogs at Rendez Vous ( I have known both ladies through the blog for the past three years and they are very special to me. There is also the wonderful Tazein, a very strong but gentle soul, who has been through so much life and finds joy in making her friends feel special. Do visit her at

I need to mention other bloggers such as Shilpa Garg (, Richa Singh who writes beautiful novellas at, Corinne Rodrigues, the brain behind and for whom motivating lazy writers like me to write is a great fulfillment . She blogs at Words of mention to my friends Kathy Combes (, Alastair (, Jairam (, Hrishikesh Bawa (, Jensy Georges ( and the super cute& dear friend Aditi Mittal ( A big shout out to my courageous friend, Sharmistha Basu, who fights her own battle everyday and keep rocking, Sharmi (

Gosh! What an exhaustive list! Let me confess that it’s not a complete list and next time, hope they come up with a list of 25 to 30 people so that I can write bout my favorite bloggers.

Lotsa love, friends, and keep rocking.



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36 thoughts on “A lil’ compliment never harms

  1. Thanks, Vishal Bheeroo. I have never understood this kind of adulation from fellow-bloggers who write equally well, but I will graciously accept your ‘compliment’ contained in the post. Continue to spread smiles like you always do. Thanks a lot!

    1. Spot on, Sakshi Nanda:) It’s an appreciation of your good work to spread cheers and I believe that one must not shy away to appreciate the good works of our friends. As you said, there are so many awesome bloggers and how I wish I could add more and more to the list. There are so many souls who writes so well. I take a bow, Ma’am:)

  2. Thanks Vishal.. for all the lovely words you wrote about me. Appreciate it very much.

    It was also lovely to read about all the other fabulous people you’ve crossed paths with. You are such a warm person! Thanks, always.

    1. Thanks Kajal. I believe that we should spread cheers and put in a small word for the people whose work we appreciate in life. All it takes is a small word to see happy and smiling faces..hehe! Bas hogaya and I becoming boring now..haha! Keep rocking Kajal:)

  3. Thank you Vishal. You are always so supportive of all the blogs you follow, and I appreciate that.

    I hope you have a really good evening and weekend

  4. thank you so much Vishal, Iam really touched and happy to read the wonderful post and the compliments for one and all . It is very nice of you to spread a smile to all by giving joy in form of the beautiful compliments.

  5. Am just humbled to be mentioned in the same blog post as some of these other writers. Thanks Vishal, you have always been extremely kind to all my blog posts as well 🙂

    1. The pleasure is entirely mine, Jairam. What a difference you make through your posts and I wish to thank you for the appreciation of my work as a creative person. Let’s make a difference together in this small world we live:)

  6. Thank you, Vishal. You are one of the kindest and most generous bloggers I know – and it’s not because of this post that I’m saying this. You’re the first to share and encourage everyone! May your tribe increase.

    1. You are doing a fab job by motivating others through Write Tribe and Everyday Gyaan. The world is such a small place and we need gentle soul to make a difference. I can only be humbled by such kind words. Let’s spread the cheers, Corinne. There are other writers such as Alka, Vidya and Usha Ma’am that I have forgotten to mention as well as so many. Thanks a ton:)

    1. Do have a look at the others’, Sharmi. All of them are super awesome and there are so many that I have forgotten. Hope the kind souls forget me! lol! Thanks a ton and I have not forgotten you, my dear friend:)

    1. Thanks, Pixie. You are one of them and you won’t believe me, there are so many things I’ve forgotten and which I should have put. Quite a strenuous task, I tell you but had fun.

  7. Thank You Vishal 🙂 You have been kind to like few of my posts and been the top commenter in last year. I’m humbled and truly blessed to have a great friend as you.

  8. Lovely post! I always appreciate your visits to my blog because you are always so encouraging. Your list is full of fabulous bloggers and they are well deserving of the spotlight you have given them! ♥

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