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Trident Gurgaon combines aesthetics, flawless hospitality and elegance

Welcoming the guests at Trident, Gurgaon
Welcoming the guests at Trident, Gurgaon

Spread over seven acres of Landscape Gardens, Trident hotel stands tall in the business district of the booming Gurgaon, part of New Delhi National Capital Region (NCR). The hotel who ushered into its 10th year on January, boasts of 136 rooms and suites where a sense of familiarity and a touch of sensual, spiritual elegance personified is experienced as you are surrounded by the state-of-the-art architecture, blue swimming pool and towering building that strike a chord with your senses and appeal. It is beauty personified as it doesn’t take long to feel that you are sinking in a dream land, cut off from the reality of a mechanical life.

The amazing view at the entrance.
The amazing view at the entrance.
The lobby.
The lobby.


Once, you reach Trident Gurgaon, few kilometres away from the popular Ambiance Mall, you are greeted with the traditional namaste from the hotel staff. It is paradise on earth and poetry in motion. The hotel staff ushers you towards the reception as the beautiful, elegant and charming hostess at the reception folds her hand like a swan as she utter the Namaste and apply the tilak on the forehead. One would be tempted to say that it’s paradise on earth surrounded by flawless angels as the divine hostess welcomes me with, “It’s part of our tradition,” as the tilak is applied on my forehead. One couldn’t stop gushing at the positive energy and atmosphere that seeps throughout the hotel which is embedded with some miracle plant that compels tiredness vanish out of thin air.

Two graceful ladies at Trident and, among which, Inderpreet (right) welcomed me.
Two graceful ladies at Trident and, among which, Inderpreet (right) welcomed me.


I spent a whole week at Trident, Gurgaon where the hotel staff doesn’t leave any stone untouched to ensure that you feel at home. The tag line, “At Trident, You Are Sure”, simply lives up to its name. I felt at home during my stay at Trident Gurgaon where I felt that I was living among my family members who are not only very courteous and professional but also offers an experience of luxury with a heart full of human interaction. The best thing about Trident Hotel is that the group delivers with the heart and favors service enshrined with human passion. The staff delivers in a way that makes you feel that you are being welcomed in their own house and very few hotels can boast of such human relationship coupled with a beautiful heart full of love and compassion. As it is, business relations is all about the people and done with a human heart.

I checked in the Deluxe Pool View Room that carries a very soothing atmosphere coupled with luxury and elegance that provides fodder to a super active mind in quest of spiritual and philosophical excellence. I personally love the view, providing a calm but quiet feeling during the next eight days. I enjoyed the shower cubicle where I put the body to rest. It rejuvenates the body, mind and soul as the battery is recharged for the day.

The dining suite at Cilantro is a unique blend of harmony, tranquil atmosphere, aesthetics and a complete dining experience coupled with warm and ever-smiling faces as the staff swarm their way with zest and enthusiasm to serve the guests. Thus, Cilantro offers comfort in a unique manner and taste of the finest dining experience served by the awesome, warm and friendly staff to one’s sheer delight. One cannot be in Trident and not experience the exotic North Indian food fresh served at Saffron which offers an experience in eating that very few can boast of. It is served with an attitude ‘Indian’ that resonates and remains within the realm of our culinary taste forever. Konomi offers the taste and culinary skills of Japan which  is set in a very contemporary fashion and Sushi couldn’t taste better than that. I would enjoy the evening, sipping coffee and watching Cricket on the flat TV in the bar which has a very sober atmosphere for socializing over a chat as you enjoy the cookie with the frothy Capuccino. Coffee taste better when you lounge at The Bar for a friendly,cozy and romantic chat. It has a very sober atmosphere where you can read your newspaper at ease and surf on the laptop and I-Pad.

One of our friend posing with the staff at Cilantro led by Anubha.
One of our friend posing with the staff at Cilantro led by Anubha.

Trident offers a unique and elegant experience in hospitality that couples friendliness, warmth and it redefines customer service by truly living to the adage, ‘Athiti Devo Bhava’ (The Guest is God) , the philosophy behind welcoming the guest in India. The wonderful staff stands out in seeking to ensure that the guest feels at home and, not once, you can see a stern look on their faces. During a chat with the communications manager, I was told how the latter enjoy to take a walk at the hotel lobby which refreshes the soul at the sight of smiling and happy faces. I wonder how members of the Trident family can stand on their feet throughout the day and night to serve with utmost devotion, care and familiarity.

Trident Hotel celebrated its 10th anniversary on January 7 and the feature post is penned as a way to thank the wonderful team and its philosophy of making the guests feel a life time experience at this majestic place. I wrote on my experience at Trident Gurgaon which I visited on a work trip in November 2012 and it’s a small gift to Trident on it’s anniversary.

View of my room at Trident, Gurgaon.
View of my room at Trident, Gurgaon.

Trident Hotel has bagged several awards and, among which, Traveller’s Choice Awards 2013, Asia’s Leading Hotel 2012 and India’s Leading Hotel 2012, among many.

Great Going, guys, and wish you an amazing anniversary and a year of awesomeness. Wish you plenty of success in years to come and make it the very best in hospitality.

Disclaimer: The post is scripted as a way to say a big thank you to Trident Hotel for it’s anniversary and I haven’t been sponsored to do so by the hotel.






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