Erupt like a fire ball of kindness and positive energy

Close the eyes, breath, sit in the dark and let the silence pass through the nerve and soul;

Stop for a moment and let the energy flow through one’s aesthetic senses;

Go with the flow and don’t fight against the entangled web one faces;

Sometimes, we need to stop, enjoy the moment and avoid the frantic rushes life thrust upon us;

Let’s play with the positive stick and control the events as they unfurl like a spin around us;

We need to take everything bad in our stride when things doesn’t go our way;

It takes resilience to turn the bad into better, good and a joyful experience;

We can do it and let the positive energy erupt like a fire ball;

Spread love and cheerz around, take the good and reject the bad;

Unleash our power,

in a gentle way.

Keep faith




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