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The dark and ugly side of social media

Their’s was a fairy love story where they redefined perfect love, cuddling each other and Public Display of Affection. After all, nothing could go wrong for this lovely and romantic couple in the tinsel town who showed to the younger generation what love is all about. He is a refined man of great intellect stature and speaks in a composed and cultured manner. She was a gem hailing from a paradise called Kashmir and who often bore her heart out. The nation could have fallen in love with her for her beauty, charm and genuine persona. Then, a day came where every beautiful and fairy tale love story has to come to an end but very few expected this beautiful tale of love to end in human tragedy.


It’s strange what 140-words tweet can do to someone’s existence where interaction on a social platform can compel someone to sink into social depression. Now, I am not saying that tweeple, like me and you, who hide under the cloak of invisibility such Twitter, Facebook or other forms of social media, has taken the life of the charming and beautiful soul, Sunanda Pushkar Tharoor. But, I cannot help wonder whether we are narcissists who think of ourselves as celebrities or personas who have an opinion about almost everything and claim to be relationship experts in other people’s personal lives. We do hide like cowards behind a lap-top, desk top, smart phone or I-Pad to label someone as ‘this’ or ‘that’ and have the nerve to make the person so small and publicly humiliate them. I wonder whether we would have the guts to vent out our emotions in the face of the person.


Sunanda Pushkar had a personal issue with another person by the name of Mehr, Pakistan-based journalist and what should be viewed as very private tweets between two different human beings have been lapped up for fun by tweeple. It couldn’t be more tragic than that! Both ladies have been called all kinds of names, ISI agent, slut and what’s not!  We have already judged Sunanda Pushkar Tharoor as we felt free to take a dig at her personal life and didn’t flinch to think of the trauma that she’s been through or undergoing. We made a mockery of her emotions as a human being as we were busy having fun in the hiding.

One couldn’t help notice someone by the name of Madhu Kistwar who has a BJP leaning and who tweeted on the fact that Sunanda knew too much about some imaginary ISI links, minutes after she was found dead. Sad that the life of Sunanda Pushkar has become a political slug fest. Her fault? A successful business woman who started from scratch, belonging to  a humble army back ground and married to the suave Shashi Tharoor who happens to be a minister in the Government.

I pity the people who spearheaded all kinds of conspiracies on what led to the death of Sunanda and where veiled accusations were leveled against Shashi Tharoor at the time when the family was grieving. The accusations were made  much before the inquiry started and medical reports were made public.  One can only wish that Sunanda Pushkar finds peace in her final journey and let us respect Dr Shashi Tharor and the lady’s son privacy. Let’s refrain from pointing an accusing finger at Mehr Tarar, till we don’t get our facts right. Twitter and other forms of social media can be harsh and ruthless, despite the advantages they confer on us as human beings and so-called celebs. Who says social media is white as milk?




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13 thoughts on “The dark and ugly side of social media

      1. You right and one should ignore them. You make ur world beautiful and I dnt have any doubt. Keep spreading the cheers n let’s make the world a beautiful place:)

  1. very true Vishal. Before we all get the records right, speculation overstresses and defames it completely. This has been a horrific incident and shocking too. But whetevr is teh fact, the truth is someone lost a life and is no more.

    1. I still find it difficult to digest that the woman has gone with regret since accusatory glances were thrown at her. It’s something horrific and difficult to to digest on how we sit in social network and keep humiliate people. As you said, the truth is some 1 lost her life.

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