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Mango person staging a dharna (protest), lack of ideas

There are days when you wake up and wanna write something on the blog..Bingo! There is a shortage of ideas aur apne bheja mein chemical locha ho gaya! Speak about a tale of faking an orgasm on bed, practically, nothing gets into the head. Oh! Lord! What’s happening to the ideas brewing in the head? Guess, I need to get into the bathroom again and, trust me, whenever the body part are soaked with soap, ideas keep coming and how I wish I could install a board and jot ideas while taking the shower.

Well! I know it’s Monday and I’m still in sleepy mode like, perhaps, Arvind Kejriwal of Aam Aadmi..see, I belong to the rare and instinct breed of Mango People..well! how can I compare myself to the likes of Kejriwal coz I am not staging a dharna thinking it’s my dharma..I am a Karma Yogi? Ha! Nopes! I am simply human and these terms like dutiful soul shit scares me. I am a person who has fucked up and keep fucking things up. And, I lament when the screwy things happen? Why? I mean, why? See, I use expletives throughout the day, the F-Word, S-Word and A-word, not AAP but asshole!!!!

First day of the week and  I am clueless on what to do as a man out of the job circuit after two months of not necessarily slogging the ass. Except the blogging challenges, commenting on blogs, tweeting like an angry bird in action, painting my Facebook wall, life rocks na? Hmm! Why am I sounding like an ugly duckling? I hate sending job application to one and all, it looks like I am on a man hunt, predating on owners of poor companies to hire me. It’s not a plea and I am sure the gentlemen and gentle ladies think I am harassing them so that they meet me for a chit-chat or coffee..I call a job interview, a chi-chat..guess, the brain has gone cuckoo..I feel I should really listen to radio or turn into love guru for jilted lovers and make some quick bucks. But, then, isn’t it swindling people money in exchange for toggling or giving their emotions a gentle stroke, at least, it’s better than sex?

What say? Life and the mango-la people dancing to Ooh!! la la!! OOH la la! I wonder what the other mango like me are up to? Beating their mango blues, busy working their asses in the office while I sit to blog on the couch with countless cuppa coffees and teas.

Have a gud day

Disclaimer: I know that it’s a crap post, so, backlash are more than welcome here.




Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

3 thoughts on “Mango person staging a dharna (protest), lack of ideas

  1. Stop lashing yourself, start bombarding prospective employers with applications, have you enrolled with or such services? I guess so, if not you may try them now.

    dont go slack. if you waste time now, life will make you regret later.

    all the best!

  2. AAP is the new Google !

    Eric Schmidt , Chairman – Google , was in India a few weeks back

    In an interview , he said ,

    ” It is quite possible that the next Google comes out of India ”

    May be he was thinking of AAP !

    Because AAP is the new Google

    Within months of being launched ( Sept 1998 ) , Google left behind the mighty and powerful , established search engines like Yahoo / MSN ( Bing ) / AOL / Alta Vista / Meta Crawler / Excite / Ask Jeeves etc

    In a similar fashion , ONE YEAR old AAP will soon leave behind , the mighty and entrenched political parties of India , such as , Congress / BJP / BSP / SP / TMC / CPI (M) / AIDMK / DMK / BJD / RJD etc

    Why is that not only ” possible ” but also highly ” probable ” ?

    Just look at what is happening on the streets of Delhi since yesterday morning

    Arvind Kejriwal – and his cabinet ministers – are sitting on a ” Dharna ” , near Rail Bhavan – and even sleeping on the footpath !

    They are raising their voice and challenging the ” ESTABLISHMENT ” of the corrupt / the criminals / the callous / the Congress

    For the first time in the history of independent India , the Ministers are not sitting in their air-conditioned Mahels

    They are out in the Mohallas , leading the people , ready to be arrested / lathi-charged / what have you !

    Without deviating from their peaceful , non-violent means

    They are walking in the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi / Martin Luther King / Nelson Mandela / Dalai Lama

    They will teach the oppressed people of the World , how to bring about a change – democratically , without resorting to guns

    Nearly 72 years ago , on 9th Aug 1942 , Mahatma Gandhi asked British to ” Quit India ” – peacefully

    And gave to the people of India , mantra of ” Karenge ya Marenge ” !

    There is a strong possibility that the history may repeat today , outside the Rail Bhavan !

    People of India are welcoming the rise of the new GOOGLE in their political sky !

    * hemen parekh ( 21 Jan 2014 / Mumbai )

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