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Book Review: Those were the days

Book Review: Those were the days

Author: Subhasis Ghosal

Price: Rs 99

Pigeon Books

Genre: Fiction




‘Those were the days’, yeah, you heard it right! It’s a novel by Subhasis Ghosal on three friends in 12th standard, bottom-rankers studying for 12th standard exams but get caught in adventures in Kashmir and when they came back only to realize that their exams got postponed in Delhi. The three musketeers, Aaditya, Subroto and Lucky fall in love and eventually fuck up their life. In the end, everything turned well.

My Take:

I am in a mode of rom-com, except, this one is all about friendship in Delhi, crazy shits boys get themselves into, parental pressure at the age of 17, innocent crushes minus sex. There comes a time in our lives where we face career confusion and engage in conflict with parents owing to generation gap. It’s a book about the youth in India and across the globe. Do I like the novel? Well, it’s a light read, quite humorous at times and can be wrapped up in less than four days since it’s just 230 pages. I took one week to finish it off since I wanted to do some kinda  tp and it suits me to keep it longer.

Those were the days lack the substance and comes across as too simplistic. There is a lack of humor in parts of the book which is a sine qua non if you are targeting young Indians or youth, as a matter of fact. It doesn’t help the cause with the narrative that gets dull and tedious, at times. The characters spend more time fooling their parents rather than spending time at school. Also, I feel that there is a lack of romantic angle with two of the characters falling in love with ‘someone’, which you hardly get to see. Except, one female character who appears in the blink of an eye kinda appearance. It’s hard to believe that there is a lack of love and lust at this age. How I wish, the author would have given more meat to the female character.

However, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t like the book at all. To be fair to the author, humor appears at some point in the book which revolves around three 12th standard boys fucking up their life at school. It’s just that the humor appears quite misplaced to a certain extent but it comes alive at some point or another. It is a joy ride to a certain extent with some cool college humor seeping through at some intervals but the author finished it off in style with genuine laughter.

On the whole, Those were the days could have been better by making it sizzling in uncovering college adventure, love, crushes and relationships. My verdict: Not a bad read, time pass novel which fell short of my expectations. I will give it 2.5 out of 5 for the half-baked treatment.





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