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Wednesday Prompt 2014-3: The perfect winter gift

Hey folks, I am participating on Wednesday Prompt 2014-3 which is a photo prompt hosted by The beautiful and inspiring picture for the prompt has been provided by the wonderful Vidya Sury of Hope you like the story which is 100 per cent fiction. Enjoy and do let me know the feedback.

Have a lovely week end and cheerz



Wednesday Prompt 2014-3:  ‘The Perfect Winter Gift’

The city of New Delhi woke up to the chilly winter and smeared with the fog this January morning. It was an usual morning with icy winds surrounding Connaught Place as early revelers sipped freshly served as steaming cups of tea were being served by the chai-wallah whose stall was teeming with activity. Few vehicles could be seen surfacing in the otherwise crowding Connaught Palace as the city just woke up. The rag-picker rolled her saree as she sat with folded legs on the ground to collect garbage in a large carry bag placed beside her. Behind the rag-picker stood stood her lil’ daughter, three-year-old Carol, wearing sleepy eyes and flapping her tiny finger, she looked around and smiled to on-lookers in the city.


Carol was jumping, giggling and running around the area, pushing her hands among the debris probably look for a toy. She made the spot her playing spot, picking used plastic cups and bottles. She is a Christian soul deprived of the joy of Christmas that came and went in the nick of time like bubbles disappearing in the air. In an hour, her mom called her, “Carol! You naughty girl let’s go now. We are done! Baby! Stop dirtying your hands. There is no toy here.” The child as something shiny struck her tiny eyes as she moved towards the spot. Her mom run after her and gave her a tiny slap on her hand and bum. Carol sported her best angelic smile and had time to grab the colorful object as she was dragged along. She touched her mom wrist, “Dekho! Mujhe kya Mila, Yeh Meri Hai  (See! What I got! This mine).” She looked cute. Her mother, swiped her hand across beads of perspiration on the forehead and inspected the object. It was a one piece colorful shoe. Carol was smiling as her mom said, “Arre! Yeh toy nahin hai..ek hi hai, yeh shoes hai (This is not a toy. But, a single shoe). You will not be able to wear it to school.” It was a bright, colorful sandal. Carol immediately grabbed it from her mom hand and held it close to her chest.

Carol slept with the sandal under a thin one-piece cloth that buried her head in the shanty in the lanes at Malviya Nagar. She refused to part with the prized possession and smiled as she closed her eyes. In the day, she walked clumsily wearing the colorful shoe and trotting like a horse, doing a little jig, giggling in the small 4 by 7 feet room. Carol would insist on showing the shoe to kids, wearing her prized possession given to her by Jesus on the right leg as she walked her way out of the house. Her mother caught her and gave her a tight slap. She cried.

Carol would not part away with her shoe. One day, she was standing with her mother at the bus stop and a white Skoda screeched near the bus stop. A cute little girl, wearing pony tail hair and decked in a white skirt run out of the car. She snatched the shoes and called her mom, “Mummy! I got the shoe. It’s mine. I left it at Connaught.” Carol was shaking her body, beating her chest frantically and started crying. The lady, wearing, an expensive got out of the car and held her daughter’s hand, “Pallavi, my child. The shoe is no longer yours and give it back to her. We will get you a new one.” The mom looked at Carol and asked tenderly, ‘What’s your name, beta (daughter?” She sheepishly replied, “Carol.” Pallavi came close and hugged Carol and smiled, “Here! Take it. It’s yours and I will give you the other piece.” Both girls were smiling. The lady dressed in red saree took the rag picker and her Carol in the car and dropped them to their shanty.

Two days Later

Carol was proudly wearing long new new white socks on her pair of sandal that perfectly matched the bright green school uniform as she boarded the rickshaw on the way to school. Pallavi held her tiny hands as they walked together past the school gate. Little did she know that a bank account has been opened in her name by Pallavi’s mom to take care of her educational needs. The shoe was, indeed, a gift from her Jesus. A perfect winter gift.

Keep faith and celebrate life.




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28 thoughts on “Wednesday Prompt 2014-3: The perfect winter gift

    1. Thanks a ton, Payal. I’ve been to Delhi once and that too for a week and tried to pay tribute to the city. I also tried to give my own touch to the city in a more human way. At the risk of being called pompous, I feel it’s one of my best stories:)

  1. That was a beautiful story! Beautifully woven and narrated. You have a lovely way of pulling your reader in! ♥

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