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I Love Movies: Bombay Talkies

A self-claimed movie buff! I am participating in the prompt provided by, ‘write about one such movie that you watched in 2013, that touched your heart’. The film chosen is ‘Bombay Talkies’ that celebrated 100 years of cinema and is all about my dreams and aspirations, for the love of movies and hero worship. Hope you like it:)

bombay talkies as the camera roll to translate dreams, experience and magic on screen. For a cine-goer and movie buff, dreams are translated into reality through the movies. It’s 100 per cent addiction for Hindi movie buffs and we love our movies. One movie that struck a chord with me and re-kindled my cinema dreams was Bombay Talkies. Double Dhamaka! Which better way to celebrate life King Size by celebrating 100 years of cinema where four directors come together Karan Johar, Zoya Akhtar, Anurag Kashyap and Dibaker Banerjee. The result is the unrolling of a carpet magic as dreams rolled to give substance to a  life through the power of magic.


Why I love Bombay Talkies?

It’s all about cinema and dreams in Maximum City. Can one imagine Mumbai without Times of India, Cinema without Amitabh and life in I without Hindi films? Bombay Talkies provide an answer to my dreams, dreams once I nurtured of making it big in the film industry as a director and an actor. Man! My inspiration was and has always been Amitabh Bachchan, my childhero and on whose films I’ve grown up on. It’s pure devotion and idol worship. Anurag Kashyap ode to Amitabh Bachchan through Murraba is all about idol worship that many Indians connected with and how can I, self-claimed, die-hard and crazy Bachchan fan, be insensitive. It’s still a dream to meet Mr Bachchan in his house. Kudos, Anurag! There are millions of Indians within the country and abroad who dream about meeting the Big B, no I’m not talking of the WiFi that connects us with our fave film stars on Twitter, Facebook or blogs, but the one-to-one, emotional warmth of meeting the Shahenshah (Emperor) of Hindi Cinema. I connected with the character and imagine myself standing hopelessly in front of Jalsa. I found myself in the character played by Vineet Singh.




Cinema Unlimited and dreams roll like the camera..lights, action, camera rolling and action. It’s Dibakar Banerjee adaptation of a Satyajit Ray story with Nawazruddin Siddiqui playing someone who nurtured theatrical and film dreams. There are so many stories about human aspirations of making it big who are now buried in by-lanes in Mumbai, sky-rocketed buildings, dreams, trains and cabbies in almost every nook-and-corner of the city dark lanes. It’s found in red light areas. I confess I found my dreams ignited in Banerjee’s take on movie aspirations and hope et dreams re-kindled that there is never any age to pursue one’s dreams. My excitement for the camera was re-ignited..yeah! I want to be an actor and direct some day. Truly Bombay Talkies.

Karan Johar surprised everybody with the sensitive handling of a very delicate subject, love, extra-marital relationship and same sex love in his take, Ajeeb Dastan Hain Yeh with Rani Mukherjee’s character which I loved immensely. What I love the most is the way KJO has shot Mumbai as a city, the memorable scene at the station where the young girl begs for money to feed her family from the character played by Randeep Hooda as the the trains whooshes past their heads. What close up as the camera angles moves away from the characters and zooms on the life line in Mumbai. Beautiful tribute to the city that never sleeps.

Zoya Akhtar’s beautiful tribute to Katrina Kaif through the eyes of a young kid which is all about dreams, worship for a star and the instant connect that we feel for the beauty of acting and cinema. The invisible relationship between a fan and his idol has been explored in a sensitive manner as it’s an ode to one thing that we loove, cinema and the celebration of life.

Let’s celebrate our life through the love and passion for cinema.Let’s the curtain roll ! Truly, I love Movies! Truly Bombay Talkies! Long Live the dreams and aspirations. Bombay Talkies connected me to my passion and love for cinema in 2013.

Thanks Movie Massala for this prompt.

Cinematically Yours

With Love




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10 thoughts on “I Love Movies: Bombay Talkies

  1. Hi Vishal. I happened to watch this movie last week. I thoroughly enjoyed Zoya Akhtar and Anurag Kashyap’s short film. Especially the murabba wala twist was awesome! Movies like these are really a boost up else Bollywood would have turned into zombiewood remaking mindless Telugu and Tamil flicks.

    1. Oh! u didn’t like it, Kya!!! I like it coz I feel it was a departure from the stuffs he usually make. On the whole, love the, Murabba was the devotion of a fan and also love the Dibakar/Zoya wallah. hehe! Zinal:)

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