The white swan battle in furious waters

The white swan swam it’s way into uncharted territory, struggled for its life against the high tide and troubled waters;

It plunged in the violent water by taking a huge risk as the tornado hitting the sky made the river a threat to its life;

The white feathers’ ruffled in the maelstrom as the river violent shook itself showering hath, fury and contempt for living and non-living beings;

The beautiful white swan sported a tired and dead look as it hit a dead end in the waters;

The swan almost choked to death every time it took a detour to find a path towards gentle water but all paths were blocked;

Yet, it thought, ‘No matter how bruised I am, I shall overcome the fury of the waters and shall emerge as the winner’.

The white swan decided that this time it is going to control life unexpected twists, unlike last time, and will have an upper hand on its destiny.

After all, victory taste better when facing and over powering a potent and furious opponent.

Good Morning



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