100 Words on Saturday: Strangers in the Night


Today prompt, ‘Strangers in the Night’ for 100 Words on Saturday 2014: 2 has been provided by Suzu of http://suzysomedaysomewhere.blogspot.co.nz. I have penned a short story on ‘Strangers in the Night’ and hope you like my take on the prompt. Wish you a beautiful Monday and a lovely week ahead.




Strangers in the Night

Image courtesy: Google

Image courtesy: Google

We lay on the bed as she kissed and embraced me. I gently caressed her body. We have been physically intimate with each other during the nights yet we were strangers to each other. I finally mustered my courage and asked, “Who are you?” She looks into my eyes, “How does it matter? Remember, no questions asked, whether I’m married, single, rich or poor, got it?! I stammered. As I turned to kiss her, she mysteriously disappeared. A voice echoed in my ear, “I was never here baby yet I am with you. We are strangers in the night.



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