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Wednesday Prompt 2014-2: ‘It’s a Small World’


A piece of ‘fiction’ written for Wednesday Prompt 2014-2: “It’s a Small World”, provided by Shilpa Garg of, one of my favorite bloggers. Hope you enjoy the story!



It’s a Small World

write tribe

We bonded at the airport and Rehaan took my number. The next day he called, “Dude, you must come home for dinner on Wednesday and I’ll introduce you to my beautiful wife and the apply of my eye, my cute daughter.” Despite my repeated attempt to chuck the invitation, he insisted, ” ‘By the way, my wife  studied at University of Mumbai. Perhaps. you guys know each other, it’s a small world.”  I rang the bell and Rehaan welcomed me with a hug and called his wife, “Here meet Zoya.” I froze. It was her, the woman  for whom I fought with my parents and in whose love, I was on the verge of destroying my life. I almost became an alcoholic. We were planning to elope but she ditched me at the last minute for him.

“Zoya! Karan studied at Mumbai University, do you know each other?” he teased her.

Zoya feigned ignorance and looked around the house, “May be! I don’t know. Gimme one minute and I’ll make Ayesha sleep.” She was fidgeting with her hands. I was getting worked out knowing fully well that we will sit on the same table. I tried to break the ice, “I hardly attended lectures at University and seeing your wife for the first time. You have such a beautiful family.” I expressed relief when the dinner was over and looking for an opportunity to get out of there. As I was leaving, I held little Ayesha in my arms and told her, “You are so beautiful and angelic. Bless you.”

Indeed, ‘It’s a Small World.”

With Love







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27 thoughts on “Wednesday Prompt 2014-2: ‘It’s a Small World’

      1. Haha.. But turning the embarrassing moment into a most embarrassing moment lies in your hands. I would say that he must have handled the situation with guts not with guilt because even though he might have been guilty about his past, the mistake lies with her because she was the one who ditched him. Am I right?

      2. hehe! I feel none should feel guilty about a relationship that went wrong and this what I feel. Wll! What would I have done in this case? Try to be less awkward and behave in a normal way, though it’s difficult and may be makes for an exit. Wishing them all the best..hehe

      3. Obviously! Nothing can be done other than wishing them all the best and exiting the place… and erasing all the thoughts of visiting them again! haha..

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