Quench my thirst for the liquor of your love

Drinking the liquor of love that taste like sweet nectar, I roam to the streets like a vagabond on night.

I am on the trail of your shadow searching for you like a mad lover,

i long for your presence and the glimpse of your face.

They discard me like a homeless, surviving on alcohol, I am scorned upon.

Gentle souls throw coins on me.

I want to shout I am no beggar, looking for morsels for survival.

I am no drunkard who has fallen to the prey of alcohol.

It’s only your love that is killing me everyday and destroying my soul,

I am drunk to your beauty and the cusp of your lips.

Your smile and image of your beautiful lip quenches my thirst that turns me into a vagabond roaming the deserted streets,

as I am consumed by liquor of your shadow.

Your spirit haunts me and your love eludes me.



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