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The Last Kiss in the name of treachery







Shut up! Have you gone bonkers ?,” she slaps me hard on my head with a mischievous smile on her face.

Kiss..She interrupts before I continue, “Ok! Got it! You would have equated kiss with me.”

I retort, “My lovely lady, I have already equaled you to love. Kiss would be someone else……”

She gave me this menacing look and was about to quiz me with a tinge of jealously, Who else?” but stopped on her track. As her mind was raging with  doubts, I stole a peck as my lips touched hers’. She tried hard not to conceal her smile,”You always do that cheater and mind games obsessed man with intimacy and kissing.”

I lit a cigarette and thought, “Baby! Till now, you don’t know what mind games I am going to play with you.”

I kissed her again on the cheeks and said, “I’m waiting and go make two cups of coffee for both of us.”

She smiling and walked flirtatiously towards the kitchen.

I removed the white envelope from my bag and slid it beneath the  flat TV set. I pretend to work on my I-pad so that it will not raise her attention on something that smells fishy. She is a woman who has a sixth sense that can put anybody to shame.

I checked all the papers to ensure they are in place since I gotta catch a flight to Dubai. Poor girl, she thinks that I am going to London for some personal works and I shall be back in a fortnight. She doesn’t know that I shall never be back. Tonight was the last time we made love to each other and I hate being ruthless. But, she gonna learn the hard way.

She brought two cups of my favorite Lavazza coffee in a tray and sat on my lap, forcing a passionate smack. “Baby, I love you too much,” I smiled back.


I reached Dubai the next morning and I still remember our last passionate kiss and teddy bear hug. I signed some papers at the super specialty center in the presence of my attorney. I directed him to ensure that my soon-to-be ex-wife doesn’t have it tough. Inside the operation center, I closed my eyes and smiled as I heard the doctor saying, “I doubt whether he will be able to make it. Chances are almost impossible and he is in the last stage. We are surprised that he was not accompanied by any family member.” As I heard these words, I close my eyes with a smile. I am on my way to heaven.

Six months later:

Sejal spilled the last drop of coffee in the crowded mall. She recollected how life has unfolded for her and believes that she deserves better for fighting with her parents to marry the man she loved. Yet, he proved to be a bastard and ran away at a time when she was pregnant with their baby. She couldn’t understand why he left her a will worth crores, an expensive apartment in the heart of Mumbai, shares, insurance papers, a hefty bank balance and making her the director of his consultancy firm. But why?” she asked. I wonder how he is surviving without money and property in some obscure part of the world, Sejal thought. She footed the bill and held the baby in her arms, kissing the forehead of the little one. She walked away towards the SUV car.

With Love


Pl note that the story is fictitious and all characters depicted are fictitious. Any  resemblance to the persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.




Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

14 thoughts on “The Last Kiss in the name of treachery

    1. Hi, Purba and happy to welcome you here after so long. Hmm! I agree to your perspective but I wanted to give it a twist towards the end. hehe!When I wrote it, the sacrifice angle didn’t cross ma thought but in a way, you right, she deserved to know.

  1. Amazing story and you’ve narrated it excellently! You’ve thoroughly kept me engaged throughout the read. I have to say that you’ve got excellent writing skills, Vishal. Keep writing buddy. I’m surely gonna stumble upon all of your works..!

    1. Thanks a ton and started scribbled some rubbish like love, sex and all..and the story unfolded itself. When I started the story, I didn’t realized it would be appreciated. Tanku::)

      1. I agree with you but I find it quite hard to continue long short story and there have been lotsa stories that I’ve ignore..penned a series of shorties for a book, two years back and abandoned them. They were terrible and so badly written. It’s been 2 yrs I am working on a rom-con and I have no intention of leaving this one coz there is a bit of ma love story that went bed. I mean, I took years to get out of it and I wanna make it as a novel..hehe..will hop on urs soon:)

      2. I wish you all the best for your novel. Hope it comes out soon and I’ll surely grab my copy that day 🙂 I’m sure that it’ll be an enjoyable rom-com from you.. 🙂

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