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Forever 18!

The age to fall in love, to discover you are a creature that procreate and something called porn exist in the realms of morality. The age to show your rebellious streak and standing to your parents, knowing that your survival depends on the pocket money meted out by mom and Dad. You know your are 18.

Being 18 and dressing up like a grown, puffing your first cigarette in the hiding, fearing that the dumb uncle and gossip-mongering aunty will spell it out to your dreaded parents. The age when the goose-bumps run down your stomach when you fall in love with the hottest chick as you strive to woo her by striking a lame conversation, ‘Hi, can we be friends?”. You fear being rejected by your lady love. It’s the age to discove

r sex and no, it’s not from the Biology book but you’ve just discovered playboy displaying the vagaries of naked pictures. Yet, you think it’s S-E-X, three letter words spelling doom if your parents ever found out that you’ve been attending Biology class with your friends in the school’s backyard.


Life starts at 18 as you just asked and got the first date as your brain plays havoc thinking what to wear or which perfume or spray to grab to impress Miss hottie chic. You know you are 18 when you can’t wait for your school to get over as you desperately wanna chuck out the old and boring school uniform after exams. Now, you can’t wait to be an adult as you will wear jeans, tee and shirts of your choice to attend university. You know you are your own master, far away from the eyes of parents. You are dying to move away from your protected cocoon incarnated by parents and embrace a big city where you gonna experience alcohol and cigarettes freely.

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You’ve moved past the first kiss, smooch and explored sex as a medium for growing up in a big city where you revel in the first victory. You feel you are an adult and feel like  jumping and dancing. You know you are 18 when express anger and fury after watching TV debates and read newspapers on corruption, graft and ridiculous banter by the political masters. You now have a voice as you expresses yourself on politics and wanna ram your Government for mishandling matters. You know you are 18 when you storm protests to raise your voice publicly against oppression. You show your pride, courage and guts that you are now a thinking adult. You know you are 18 when rant publicly, reminding yourself that being adult doesn’t mean smoking, alcohol or sex but you are free thinker.

Being 18 is an age to explore everything that matters and you wanna taste everything that the world offers. No moral law shall stop you as you enjoy breaking the traffic rules, indulge in squabbles with your roomies and refuse to take No as an answer. It’s either your way or the highway. The rebel in you simply refuse to bulge and, after all, rebels are the ones that brought change in society, pitching for equality, saying No to caste or religion. Being 18 is an age to poke fun at those spreading ‘Gotra’ or blind beliefs or religious extremism. An age to discover a world where you gain inner strength by being inflicted with defeat and tasting sweet victory when you overcome the almost impossible tasks or things in life. You know you’ve just snatched victory out of the jaws of defeat. Age 18 is going to define who you are.

I long to be 18 in life and go back in time. It’s a fantastic age to be when I look back and see the young guns who are so good with everything, spontaneous with what they do with their life. Today’s 18-ers have no fear as they don’t flinch an eye to express their opinions on anything that matter, unleash their potential and strive in life challenges cum explore the beauty offered by the global world. Valiant are the strong and mighty hearts that are not bogged down by stupid moral rules.

Baap re! I am feeling sweet 18, refreshed and rejuvenated to explore my world as an inquisitive kid, ever reading to learn. I am a keen student and 30s is the new 18.

Concluding Note:

What I was thinking before scribbling on the pleasures of being 18? I just lapped Outlook 18, special issues that marked the prize for guessing? They’ve just turned 18 and it’s a fab copy. Check November 4, 2013 issue. It’s a fab collector’s edition on the joy of being 18. You will also find an awe-inspiring poem of Mani Shankar Aiyar on the joy of being 18.



Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

20 thoughts on “Forever 18!

    1. Thanks, Ashwin and it’s true how being 18 disappeared out of thin air..I was struggling to forge an identity through the crisis that once see and trust me, nothing has changed till now:::)

      1. hehe! Not really..based on ma interaction with pals and what we go through..Love interacting with people, the 18 something of today which is an awesome generation. They are so well advanced and know what they want from life:)

      2. 100% agree with you. The present generation is well advanced and it has its own advantages and disadvantages. Hope they very well know to differentiate between them else it would turn into a mess.

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