Time is my muse, revel in her beauty and curves

The clock ticks frantically and urges us that time shall never wait for us,

precious seconds, minutes, hours, days and years has faded away.

A gentle reminder that Miss Time, no matter how beautiful and sexy, never waited for anyone.

The bombshell called Time is beyond our reach and no matter how much we try, we not gonna get her.

Catch me if you can, is her old age mantra.


We can only admire her beauty and curves,

enjoying every moment of her existence as she walks past us and disappear in a jiffy.

Terming time as seamless will be such a travesty of her own existence, like the wacky novel and nutcase character in PG WodeHouse.

She’s such a sizzling beauty.

Why not come to terms and accept her state of being?

Love her selflessly, don’t own her or make her your lover;

She’s my muse with whom I gonna enjoy every bit and moments during our fling that transcend her existence.

Love her and unfetter her wings so that we don’t race against her.

She is a muse that brings joy to our lives and let her make love to others so that they reach bliss and salvation.

With Love



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