100 Words on Saturday-2014-1: My Little Sister


Happy New Year, folks, and hope this bright new season will add cheers and sparkle to your lives. I am writing on Write Tribe 100 Words on Saturday-2014-1 on the prompt, ‘My Little Sister’. Since it is the first edition for season 2014, how can I stay far behind? For starters, I don’t have a sister and can’t tell how I miss having one. In my imaginary world, I keep speaking to my ‘sister’ that I never had and keep scripting conversation in my dream world. Now, enough of the drama and let’s jump straight to the prompt.

This Week’s Prompt is: My Little Sister


Dear lil’ Sister,

You are the apple of my eyes.  It is natural to dote on you as my lil’ sister in our relationship but you are a friend first. I shall let you be who you are and will never stifle your free spirit through society’s classification of how you should behave, wear or think as a woman. I shall respect you as an individual and let you be rather than view you as a daughter, sister or someone’s wife. You are an individual first and it is important for you to bloom and grow as a free-thinker with a strong persona.

Concluding Note:

I don’t have a sister and this how I want my ‘imaginary’ sister to be. I know it is very utopian in a world dominated by patriarchy and fucktards but this how I wanna my sister to grow at a time when women are born and bred in a difficult situation. It is a sad fact how women are exploited and in many families, rich or poor, the girl-child is unwanted and treated like second class citizens. It pains the heart on how women are treated as inferior. I dedicate this prompt to women whose lives are clouded and belied by old-age patriarchal traditions in obscure villages and, mind you, rich families.

With Love



  1. I have a little sister (2 years younger than me) and she comes second to me after my kids. Or third as my kids are equal first so that takes care of second😉

    Having a little sister was hard sometimes whilst growing up, but as we got older, and now we are both in our 40s, I would do almost anything to help and she would do the same for me.

  2. That’s a lovely message to any woman…and I especially liked the bit about respecting her as an individual.🙂 Nice post…shame you didn’t get the chance to experience this for real…sounds like you would have a made a good older brother.🙂

  3. Now thats a brother anyone would love to have… I cant agree more with you on the point of being a free spirit..I have always felt that a family is not to make boundaries but a shield… You go wherever you want and we will be there with you kinds!

    • hey, Loco mente thanks a ton. You know the best thing about Write Tribe and other such challenges is how we can use our blog as a medium to not only voice our opinion but pitch for change, raise awareness on issues and contribute towards social change. How I wish many of us would do change our attitudes and I’m dead against patriarchy.

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