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Bitter sweet moments, memories shall remain at Savera


Memories that never fade away with time suddenly flies out of thin air,

shedding bucket of tears, imagining the place that stood tall in our hearts will cease to exist.

It is hard to imagine that the place that made us so many friends over filter coffee and uttapas will never exist on December 31, 2013.

The place that made our college memories so beautiful will disappear, the very thought gives me goosebumps.

Our college hang out where we skipped lectures and laughed loudly over the most stupid jokes.

The place we learned cuss words in Hindi..bc, mc and we shouted fuck, aye shapat over almost anything.

A place I looked forward to every morning, reading the newspaper and sipping tea,

the melting point of all Fergussonians where friendships were made.

I can see our gang sitting and the mates puffing a smoke over coffee, pep talks when the going was tough.

We celebrated life and lived King Size.

What a moment it was!

What memories, the friends, studying in what we call ‘Savera’ and the crushes!

We studied in Savera and ordered tea or coffee so that we would not be ordered out as we sat for the whole day.

Tomorrow, will be the last day as memories will fly away.

I can’t describe the sad feeling in words and it’s difficult to express what lies in the heart.

The heart is sinking like being separated from a lover.

The entire experience will cease to exist and the place that made happy faces shall be no more as the building housing our favorite restaurant will give way to a new premise.

A feeling of anguish,

but what shall remain will be memories forever etched in the heart.

After thoughts:

The poem is dedicated to Savera, the restaurant of all the Fergussonians on FC Road in Pune where I spent priceless college memories. I was shocked to hear that Savera is closing down on December 31. It’s hard to imagine the place that built friendship over the years, bitter sweet memories of life will never hear our echoes. The place just opposite college gate where we would flock to and every time, I visit Pune, it’s a must visit as the memory is refreshed with lovely moments. It’s an anguish and so wished that I could be there on the closing day. Guess, some good things have to end. Another time, another place.



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6 thoughts on “Bitter sweet moments, memories shall remain at Savera

    1. It’s so sad and there are so many memories of innocence, right from innocent first year in college, friendships, crushes, love, happiness and dreams, buried deep down:) It’s a pleasure reading you:)

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