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The Parliament Award

Another nomination in December and this time, The Parliament Award by my lovely and very dear Tazein ( who has bestowed upon me several awards. I am happy to connect with Tazein in 2013 since she gives me so many awards that now adorns the shelf of my blog. Love you tons, Tazein.

This award was created by Brother(Bishop) Eddie Tatro@

owlpt (1)

It is an award that signifies friendship and togetherness.

Tazein, we connected so well on the blog, google and facebook. Certainly, I wish that one day we will meet and strengthen our bond of friendship. Despite what you’ve been through, you always kept your faith in love and friendship and it’s one endearing quality that makes you a very wonderful and beautiful person, Tazein.


1-Display the award on your site.

2-List a few things that make you a loyal member.

3-Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.

4-Nominate at least 5 bloggers whose loyalty and love you value and consider part of your Parliament and Pack, for the award and let them know the news by sending a message on their site.


I believe in the values of friendship and as a friend, I shall be here always for you. True friendship is what matters the most for me and, perhaps, more than blood relations. I always stand for my friends as a matter of principle and touch my friends, you gonna get it from me. I wear my heart on my sleeve and never judge my friends.

I am nominating new blogs that I came across and those whom I didn’t, please free to tag yourself. Congratulations to all the winners.









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