100 Words on Saturday: A Blessing in Disguise

After much dilly dallying, I have finally decided to participate in the prompt, ‘A Blessing in Disguise’ provided by Shilpa Garg of http://shilpaagarg.com on writetribe.com for 100 Words on Saturday . Guess, it’s the last prompt for the year and wish you all an awesome end of year.



Blessing in Disguise


Kavya was frantically looking for change but the shops turned down her 1000 rupee note. She was getting late on her first day to office and the cabbies would be reluctant to change the money. A child stood helpless with one rupee in his tiny palm in front of the van selling ice cream for 25 bucks. Kavya saw the child and saw the ice cream wallah urging him to move away. She tendered the note as the child grabbed the ice cream. He smiled at Kavya, “Thank you, Didi.” She took the change and said, “It’s a blessing in disguise.”



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