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Herculean task at hand

Four more days to go as we usher in a new year laden with fresh promises, aspirations, unfulfilled dreams and a new beginning. I can’t wait to see 2013 off as a year that elapsed through the flick of seconds and it’s been a year that fell short of my expectations where I witnessed so many things that fell out of place. 

I am already in holiday which started on December 24 where the whole thing was wrapped as early as 1 P.M and the moment we got off the office premises, I felt like dancing my way to freedom. A lil less than 2 weeks holiday from a  job that I joined two months back and planning to read lotsa stuffs, what with pending magazines and books that lay scattered on the table. I can’t wait to start with Asura- The Story of Ravana and His People. There is also the draft of my rom-com novel that I haven’t touched since two months and I gotta pull my socks to write. Time to pull my creative imagination and pick up the threads to pull the whole thing together. I am quite a lazy bum and it frustrates me to the core when I can’t do things that I plan to. Trust me, it gnaws you to death as your world start falling apart. 

I have lotsa To-Do–List and you name it, you get it, blogging ideas that failed to kick start and which I really wanna post till the end of 2013, cleaning up the room, discarding unwanted stuffs that’s piling in the room, the novel and, of course, the manuscripts for two short films. I mean, how the fuck do I proceed? The whole things are piling on my head and, on top of that, movies that I gotta catch on DvD. I need better concentration as at some point or another, ideas stop flowing in and it gets to your brain. Alright, I am doing catch up on lotsa blogs that I follow and that I missed reading for a very long time and using the holiday to read the awesome bloggers.

Did I tell you that I got a hair cut after eight months today and that I colored the hair brownish to hide the grey areas that’s been showing in parts? Yeah! It is a sort of confession and I’ve been hiding the grey streaks  since quite some time from now. But, I love experimenting from long hair to keeping it short and sweet. Today, I went to the bookshop looking for new arrivals and it seems that they haven’t renewed their stock. I gotta wait for another month or so to get some new books  but, thankfully, got quite a few at home that I can manage for the time being. Plus, there are some minor shopping to be done before the last day of the month as well as some job applications in places like the Emirates and Qatar that needs to be sorted out.

This year I am deprived of my holiday and I am so missing being in India and Goa for that matter. The fact that I was out of job for six months has proved to be quite a spoiler and December is normally the month I prefer to travel to break away from the whole routine of my life. So, you can imagine my frustration, considering that at this time, I was preparing for Goa, two years  back. The memorable holiday of 2011 keeps popping in my mind and, honestly, it saddens me. I am missing Mumbai and Pune. To make matters worse, a class mate in Pune and a friend is tying the knot on Saturday and so wanted to be there. Miss you India! Hopeth, better things will line up in 2014 with holidays, better job and of course, better life.

Enough of my ranting now and time to do some reading. 

Cya morrow

Cheerz and Lots of Love




Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

4 thoughts on “Herculean task at hand

  1. wish you the very best for 2014, 2013 was sort of promising for me, freedom from living in a dungeon for five years, to face a ghoul every time (almost) i stepped out of door… welll that means a lot to me, lets see if this year has something better for me 🙂

    1. I am so happy that you triumphed in 2013 and break free from the shackle of a vile society. I am sure 2014 will be even better for you. 2013 fell short of my expectation and so wanna it to get over, disappointment, job loss and cash crunch. On the positive side, I made so many good frenz on blog and glad I connected with you. Creatively, 2013 been fair to me and hoping 2014 will favor me so that I will soar:)

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