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Movie Review: D:3 is doomsday conspiracy

Movie Review: Dhoom:3

Produced by: Yash Raj Films

Directed by: Vijay Krishna Acharya

Music: Pritam

Cast: Amir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra, Katrina Kaif and Jackie Shroff (Special appearance)

Rating: Not available

dhoom 3

When you establish a brand and franchisee like Dhoom, it is bound to belt sky-rocked expectations among the critics, lovers and followers of what went on to become a cult movie and instant rage. It only soars to the sky the expectation of excellence when you rope in someone who is considered to be the name of excellence in acting and who goes by the name of Mr Perfect, Amir Khan and the combo of Jai Dixit-Ali. What you get with Dhoom:3? Pardon me! Did I say Dhoom, it should have been Doom. The audience feel cheated when you roll the camera minus script and shoot at random with bikes chase on the roads in US, cops flying like sauce pans chasing the villain in style.

Dhoom is all about style and not that I mind at all. I am all for sexy flick, a super hot lady, high octane action sequences, a harmless smooch scene..well, it’s entertainment at it’s best. But, what hurts is there is no entertainment quotient. Here! The entertainment factor is almost zero in Yash Raj Films latest offering with bikes turning into life boat saving the skin of the hero as he zooms past the confused cops. Dhoom:3 is a big and major disappointment. The flick never takes off in the first place as one can see the botched up script and screenplay that falls apart and scattered.

Amir Khan is one of the most accomplished actor not just in India but on the global scale, after Amitabh Bachchan. It is a fact and the Mr Perfect that he is, meticulously prepares for his role with dexterity and we know that he always has something new and unique to offer to us. Sadly, not this time. Has AK taken his role too seriously in Dhoom:3? I am not hinting that AK almost missed planning bank heist in India or US of A! There is something amiss in Khan’s performance in Dhoom and couldn’t believe Doomsday when he was hamming in the first place, playing to the gallery and being over the top. Now, SRK has competition if he eats ‘ham’ burger. Okie, I am a bit unfair to Amir: He shines in few scenes, especially, when he played the second part. He is simply brilliant and endearing in those parts. But, the spark was missing. I mean, what the fuck, was he thinking?!! argghhh!

Let’s come to to top cop Jai Dixit (Abhishek Bachchan). He is an actor who has displayed amazing abilities in some movies he acted in the recent past where he pulled his socks to give memorable performances in the face of harsh critics. Abhishek was an actor who followed his dad’s footsteps but, sadly, he stopped acting long time back. The lad simply sleep walked in this Doom. I strongly feel that the guy has immense acting potential with his lineage and, if he pushes harder, he will silence his critics. But, Abhishek is not making the effort to my dismay since I applauded him in Sarkar, Guru, Yuva, Dostana, Bunty aur Babli and even, Bol Bachchan. I don’t wanna mention our Ali, Uday Chopra whose been such an eye sore to cine-goers and think he is better off managing the wealth of Yash Raj Films in United States, sitting in a plush Manhattan office. How I wish I was fortunate to have the Chopra lineage! No worry, only Dhoom Machale.

Katrina aka Alia is a liquid chick, churning out liquid foam and stuffs…whoa the saving grace of a dream in a blink-and-miss performance grooving to Dhoom Machale and flaunting her assets. She played her part well and why not, shez been well paid to look sexy in her well toned body. Shez babed!

Am I doing a review of Doom-ed? Guess, Dhoom:3 is a constant reminder that I am expressing my frustration after watching one of the most ridiculous movie of 2013 and that too, on X-Mas day . It hurts and what Santa? Was it a gift or a curse?!!! Ahem! Ahem! Okie, let’s get to serious business in a nut shell since I don’t wanna bore you for watching doom live.

1. An actor of the caliber of Amir Khan is deprived of a grand and bigger entry in the Chopra’s latest offering. Dhoom is all about fireworks and sadly, we are deprived of the hero bursting through the screen.

2. The action scenes lack spark and doesn’t take your breath away. It simply bores you to death and who said you need goli (bullets) to die?

3. Dhoom:3 suffers from a botched up script, empty screenplay and looks the makers are intent on stars to cash on 200 crores + as YRF is already laughing their way to the bank.

4. Dhoom is only Doom with average music, cut and paste script. It’s stuff video games are made of and it looks the makers just shot the flick without a story. It lacks style and has few pulsating moments.

Uff! Such a long review and I am already doomed. Better buy an original DvD of Dhoom:1 and enjoy. I assure that you not gonna face Doomsday conspiracy spearheaded by the likes of YRF, Aditya Chopra, Vijay Krishna Acharya, Amir Khan and Abhishek Bachchan. Guilty as charged for Doomsday conspiracy and looting the audience.

From V

Depressed and frustrated movie goer on X-Mas Day.



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10 thoughts on “Movie Review: D:3 is doomsday conspiracy

    1. Kajal..I should check ur reviews now and thousand apologies for not checking your review. I will listen now as a good boy. You know, I wanna make ma X-Mas bigger and better with Dhoom but I was doom-ed. haha! Already ate it::)

    1. hehe! It’s going to reach 200 crores already. I don’t have an issue with brainless flicks for the pure joy of entertainment and I believe that either you make a bad or a good film. But, I feel Dhoom 3 was a damp squib and badly made.

      1. I fee that these movies should at least be used to pass important messages like sanitation, education and hygiene to masses because if they’re making 250 crores it means everyone is watching them. ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Indeed, it is but the first outing was good. But, this one was a sheer waste and ridiculous fact, there was no story and I feel that one cannot take the audience for a ride like this.

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