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Sunday Pictures: Say it with Colors

Hiyaa people, wishing you all a lovely and merry X-Mas. Hope you’ve been good this year and Santa will shower on you lotsa gifts, blessing, love and affection. I am off from work on Tuesday for a long holiday and wish to use the time hanging at the coffee shop, reading pending books and, of course, sleeping a lot. I will catch up on blogs that I’ve been neglecting for the past one month. Till then, have an awesome Sunday since you’ve been busy preparing for X-Mas and the new year. Till then, enjoy the pics.


I spotted the green cutie crawling on the mango tree one Monday morning when I was sipping tea in the lovely garden at our office. I absolutely love the pic and it is one of my hot favorites. It made my day and hope it will make yours, too:)



I spotted the varied expressions of umbrella in different colors on my way to office. I absolutely love the different colors of umbrella and believe that adds a colorful aura to one’s life. Absolutely love them and me thinks, it makes our life positively vibrant and colorful.

Lovely Sunday, Merry X-Mas and have an awesome week end.

With Love






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10 thoughts on “Sunday Pictures: Say it with Colors

      1. This is the plan and haven’t applied yet..good money and I wanna have some good saving before moving to India with apartments getting expensive day by day in our country. Yeps! It is and was having coffee in the office garden when I saw it..completely green..poor thing was crawling:)

      2. thats a fantastic looking creature for sure!

        Dubai is a good option. It will be a good idea to have your own house before returning to India, at least you will be spared from rents 🙂

        all the best!

      3. It is and just imagine my surprise spotting the creature. Dubai is good in terms of opportunities being offered professionally and salary wise. Also, there are lotsa Indians there which is a good thing. India has become so expensive in terms of rent and if someone owns a house, it is a great relief. Unfortunately, dunt think I cannot afford buying a house except of I earn the moolah 😦

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