Sunday Pictures: Say it with Colors

Hiyaa people, wishing you all a lovely and merry X-Mas. Hope you’ve been good this year and Santa will shower on you lotsa gifts, blessing, love and affection. I am off from work on Tuesday for a long holiday and wish to use the time hanging at the coffee shop, reading pending books and, of course, sleeping a lot. I will catch up on blogs that I’ve been neglecting for the past one month. Till then, have an awesome Sunday since you’ve been busy preparing for X-Mas and the new year. Till then, enjoy the pics.


I spotted the green cutie crawling on the mango tree one Monday morning when I was sipping tea in the lovely garden at our office. I absolutely love the pic and it is one of my hot favorites. It made my day and hope it will make yours, too:)



I spotted the varied expressions of umbrella in different colors on my way to office. I absolutely love the different colors of umbrella and believe that adds a colorful aura to one’s life. Absolutely love them and me thinks, it makes our life positively vibrant and colorful.

Lovely Sunday, Merry X-Mas and have an awesome week end.

With Love





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