Seeking peace and contentment in loneliness

Seeking peace and happiness in lonely moments of life;

I am intoxicated in my own company;

I prefer the ‘self’ to others as an indulge in self talk, faraway from engaging in intellectual discourse and companionship;

Loneliness brings inner peace, comfort and emotional warmth;

As I set on the path of seeking inner truth and soul searching, I shall embrace the life of a recluse;

There is only one truth and that’s ME;

I adore playing the loner at times in my quest for happiness;

It’s my birth right and don’t need company to enjoy moments of life;

With Love




12 thoughts on “Seeking peace and contentment in loneliness

  1. if you want peace and contentment when you are alone then first change loneliness to solitude. Loneliness is a haunting reminder, an aching wound, solitude on the other hand is contentment and peace.

    I have won that battle after long and bloody war and its absolutely worth it 🙂

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