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Festival of Words 2: People on Day 6

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words December 8-14 December 2013.The Theme for today, Day 6 is People.

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-People, people and people everywhere. We love them, loathe them and crack jokes on them. Imagine a place where we won’t find human masses creeping? They are both a positive and negative source of energy where we cross their paths at home, in office and on the busy streets.

1. Some people leave a life long impact on our lives and are source of inspiration. They are family and friends who laughed and cried with us as they bring constant joy to our mundane existence on planet earth. We cannot imagine our lives complete with them and they are our soulful connection. I cannot live without friends and family as they are my source of strength.

2. We cannot avoid morons and negative homo-sapiens who never find anything positive in life. The frustrated lot are hell bent in always finding fault with others, bitching and are highly prejudiced beings who love labeling others. They live in their own bubble and only, if they care embracing the world.  You will find them in offices busy conspiring and in our own families where they breed hatred through their pre-conceived notion about lives.

3. They come in the form of vultures who prey on others’ children, indulge in violent activities, spark hatred as they make headlines. You see them every where, rapists, terrorists, fake spiritual gurus who play with people emotions by branding the caste and religious cards. How do we forget how they nurture prejudice against people with different sexual orientation and religious belongings? They are the new age Nazis.

4. Sometimes, the wear the cloak of politicians and they leave us fuming with their ridiculous statement in the name of vote banks. We wanna drag and lynch them publicly when they say poverty doesn’t exist, women are inferior or get someone arrested for speaking the truth. They often tell us that we can get full course meal in 12 bucks. I often wonder what to make of them.

5. They are the new age celebrities who vent it out on various social networking sites, tweet, scribble funny stuffs and blog about almost everything that affect their lives. They splash their photos on Facebook and we just love them coz we are one of them.

6. People are people everywhere. We are so happy to belong to the race of love beings who think with the heart and have our own likes and dislikes. We may belong to different communities, races or countries but one thing that bind us: feeling. We laugh, eat, cry, dance, act funny and love. We connect on social platforms and get to know each other despite we are miles away from each other. We may have been created differently but are loving human beings. How about creating a new race, Global citizens, no passport, no visa, no caste or religion?

7. We belong to the write tribe of ideas, feelings and emotions. We rant about almost every thing and blog passionately about food, music and ourselves, rightly so, people.

8. I also form part of this wonderful race called people. Here a lil bit on me, I am a person of strong likes and dislikes. I am very moody and can be quite anti-social at times but, most of the time, I am a loving human being who keep faith and derive joy in the small things in life. I can be very angry at the sheer sight of racism, in-built prejudices and hatred against which I do not mince my words. However, I prefer to ignore stupid people since I see no point in making them see the truth in life with their immature perspective. There is no point arguing with someone who has a myopic view of things coz some people can never change.

Let’s all be loving and delve deeply into others. We are beautiful human beings and let us nurture love and positive vibes rather than hatred and prejudice. Keep faith, people.



Work-in-progress, seeker, and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian!!!

30 thoughts on “Festival of Words 2: People on Day 6

  1. Well written. 🙂 People everywhere. All the time. One different from another. Have to deal with them all the time. At home or otherwise. I like to observe people when I go out. When I am waiting at the airport. When I wait in queue to bill my groceries. When I wait to pickup my kid from school. Their behaviour, talk, response, actions…its really interesting. 🙂 amazing how each being is different. We may be similar but never th same.

  2. It would be okay if the morons and negatives stayed within their bubbles… increasingly, i find that they choose to come out and not just burden but also enforce their views upon others.

    Do no harm… in the end, if we just hold onto that simple concept, i think it would be enough, rather than fighting over things like caste, creed and religion.

    my take on the prompt:

    1. I swear Roshan and how I wish they stayed in their own bubbles rather than imposing their autocratic perspective on us. Love all is a simple concept that many fail to grasp. I absolutely love ur take on the prompt:)

  3. this is an amazing post Vishal….. an in depth analysis that was…and nice to know a little about you!

  4. Totally agree there are all kinds of people around us.. Negative and positive. We can choose to emulate/align ourselves with the positive ones.

  5. I agree with your points…and here is one that I will add from my experience

    There are people who care, share, are decent human beings, and you will meet them no matter which part of the world you go to…its a given. They don’t really care what your skin color, your eye color, hair color, accent, lack of language skill, religion, clothing, your ignorance or your intelligence or any of your flaws or perfections are…they will treat you like they do their own.

  6. I love how you ended this saying we should find love for everyone. We should love each other. It amazes me when I am working in the cafeteria at the school how mean the kids are to each other. It makes me sad. There is simply no reason to make others feel bad. ♥

    1. We are new age celebrities as we tweet and scribble on the wall anything and everything..that’s the power of social media and we can change society through our tweets coz we are celebs:)

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