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Write Tribe Festival of Words-2: Travel

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words December 8 to 14, 2013.The Theme for today on Day 5 is Travel and hope you will enjoy it and heap on some kind words as you have always done. Thanks for the love.

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There is nothing in the world that beats the sheer joy of traveling and exploring unknown territories on our own. I absolutely adore travel since it is an education in itself where I get to meet new people, capture awe-inspiring views and life in simplicity on camera. For me, travel is an education in itself and there is no better way to discover people and their way of life as well as city, village life, traditions and culture.

It is my dream to travel extensively to different locations in the world and relish at the marvel of lives unknown to me. I admit that I hardly traveled and few places I visited are South Goa, Delhi and Shivneri in Maharashtra. I am dying to visit soulful places like Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Pondicherry, Kerala and the Golden Temple of Amritsar, among so many places in India. There is so much to visit in India that a life time will not be enough. I wanna explore huge and soulful cities like New York, London, Paris, Istanbul, Egypt, Turkey, Dubai and Brazil. The global person that I am is unwilling to confine myself to one specific location and for me, travel is the perfect combination between huge, mysterious cities and village, commune life which is cut off from the complexities of big cities.

The picture has been taken from the page of Trident, Hotel in Gurgaon. All rights lies with Trident.
The picture has been taken from the page of Trident, Hotel in Gurgaon. All rights lies with Trident.

I often dream of packing my bag without any prior planning and reach an unknown destination where I will get to explore life and meet as well as make friends with new people. Trust me, it does amazing things to the soul. What I love the most about travel is to meet new people and be a part of their daily existence. I have lovely souvenir of my New Year trip in Concona in South Goa, very close to Palolem beach and what I love the most about the place is the very rural and simplistic life lived by the locals. You don’t see lots of rush and feel very peaceful with the self. For me, it was a spiritual journey and yea, I wanna explore spiritual places in Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat as well as visiting Monks in a place where there is no technology afflicted gadgets such as handset with wifi and Ipad. Just imagine waking up a morning among the monks where you don’t need to be constantly hooked to ur handset, internet, checking Facebook or Twitter.

I adore traveling alone when there is no compulsion or rule to follow a certain destination or travel route where I can just follow my heart and explore different destinations. Trust me, there is no better way to enjoy travel than being on your own. What’s your idea about travel? I am dying to know.




Work-in-progress, seeker, and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian!!!

58 thoughts on “Write Tribe Festival of Words-2: Travel

  1. Hope you get to travel and see all the places you wish you.

    Like most people, I love to travel as well. No retinue, no one to please, new places, new things to learn – what is not to love? 🙂

  2. I wish that too…to just pick your bag and go out and explore and meet new places…without a care in the world…without worrying what you’re leaving behind… Traveling as you’ve rightly put can do wonders to your soul!

  3. I love sight seeing… I can trek for hours just to have a glimpse of one beautiful sight from the top. My idea of travelling is to cover as many new places as possible

  4. Even I love to travel and explore places. But Vishal , the phase prior to travel includes planning , execution etc and I enjoy it to the hilt. Packing bags , buying essentials for travel , preparing some food-stuff , readying the clothes and footwear gives me a high. For me this too is a part of travel. I wish to visit Kerala and Rajasthan and once again visit Taj. Amen.

    1. hehe Kalpana! Hate the planning stuffs and just grab ma back..just buy food on the way and hand pick some clothes and stuff them in the bag. It’s great fun, trust me. Try it once and u’ll love it..I guarantee:)

    1. I love Canacona and after travelling for 14 hours add another 2 hours to reach there by was new year eve in 2011 but totally worth it. Thanks Bhavya, I would love to visit Kerala some day:)

  5. Goa is one place you can never have enough of. You should rent a bike or a cycle and just go around the city instead of confining yourself to the beaches. Rajasthan and Kerala are on wish list too.. One day maybe….

    1. Thanks. At least ur with me on this one. My last Goa trip was alone and made few friends with whom I visited places. When ma friends heard I was going alone, they were shocked but no better joy and happiness than traveling alone:)

      1. when my travel bug stars stirring inside my heat that is the time, only time when i regret being a woman- if i was a man i would have been wandering around somewhere right now 🙂

      2. Go with the flow and start travelling to maketh the heart happy. Have no regret, travel woman and if they act smart, give them a taste of their medicine:) You are a woman and unleash ur power on the world:)

  6. First of all, love that image – When in doubt, travel. Secondly, nice honest post. You’re writing is like a breath of fresh air 🙂 As for travelling, both travelling alone and with other people have its own benefits. I personally would love travelling with my wife….That’s how we’ve travelled the most. So hopefully once my little one grows up, we can continue doing that.

  7. I like your vagabond type of traveling, V

    Used to do that earlier, but i guess with age (seriously) need planning 🙂
    not much of a traveller but for a change of mind I don’t mind going to spend a day near the ocean or in the forest.


  8. I don’t get to travel much. But if I ever get to, it will be about the experience. People, places and a basic getaway from routine life. Just the same as reading books 🙂 happy travelling. .:)

  9. they say that the person who does not travel, has only read one page of the book….. so travel travel travel…and enjoy!!

  10. I would love to explore new places all alone, but then I am pretty sure, I would never be allowed to do that 😀 : D

    Since I am originally from Kerala, I totally vouch for you to travel the state. Beautiful, scenic and tranquil countryside awaits you ! 😀

  11. I hope your dreams do come true and you get to see all the places you want to. I’ve been lucky and very grateful to have travelled the world – a lot of it anyway. The urge to travel and see places has abated now.

  12. Your passion for travel is clear – I hope you do fulfill your dream of seeing the world!

    I don’t really aspire to travel the world, but I think it would be fun to have six months in a motor home to see the country. I’d like to visit all 50 states but not on a schedule. Alas, I need the job to pay bills and don’t see six months off anytime in my near future. (Besides, the kids have school, too 🙂 )

    1. Thanks a ton. That’s so true, we need the money to travel and can’t really afford staying off work for six months in the near future. Hope, we get the moolah and afford travel. Cheerz

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