Write Tribe Festival of Words-2: Books

Today is Day Three and I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words December 8-14, 2013. The Theme for today is Books.

vecchio libro con stilografica

The scent of the books neatly placed on the shelves races the imagination wild with meaning.

As we bury our neck deep into books, we sashay in a dream world cut off from the boring existentialism.

Beautifully etched characters provide the figment for identity as we are carried away into the world of super heroes, romance, science fiction, poetry and erotic love.

Myriads of dreams expressed and lived through the creative minds of authors,

as we charter to territories that were unknown to us.

The scent that only book lovers can smell and, very rarely, we express deceit coz the scripts never disappoint us.

The sixth sense imbibed in us sense beauty as we lay our fingers  on the book cover and pulsates the mind as we reach our destination.

What we need is to hop on the train of books and be transported in a world of pure ecstasy.

All we desire is to live in the bubble forever and never to wake up from the amazing journey of books.

Books churn out stories that we could never experience in real life as we inhabit the characters.

It’s pure ecstasy that only die-hard romantics like us can experience.

It’s our world.

How can book worms like us resist the urge of penning our dreams in a book?

Book lovers like us nurture the secret dream of scripting our own stories and see our names on the shelves occupied by millions of authors.

Book lovers, let’s run our imagination wild, rush the adrenaline down the spine, indulge in script orgies and let the words flow like the ocean coz we are crazy minds.

To all the book worms, make some noise in our world.

Happy Reading



  1. Every single word and every single line of your post reverberates with my thoughts… books are a dreamy world indeed, into which i want to escape and never come back to reality… and yes, there’s this wish of penning down my own script, stories and verses since very childhood… loved reading this post…

  2. I started reading at a very young age. It helped that my sis already had a good range and so I started on Enid Blyton when I was in Grade 1😀 The love remains but the subject changed. Meaning I don’t read much fiction now🙂

  3. Can totally relate to what you are saying. Nothing beats holding a hard copy of a book, lazing on the sofa and being transported into our own world of imagination. Can never get used to audio books and ebooks. And the joy of meeting someone who feels the same way about books… brilliant. Great post🙂

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