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Write Tribe Festival of Words: Memories

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words, December  8 – December 14, 2013. The Theme for today is Memory/Memories.

vecchio libro con stilografica


Memories are priceless Kodak moments wired in our images of thought, heart and mind. They are the moments that make us shed buckets of tears as we smile on the memorable and timeless moment spent with parents and friends.

I have lovely memories of the times spent with Dad how he never turned away my demand at the cost of being chided by Mom, ‘You are spoiling him. He will end up being a brat.’ I fondly remember how I would wait for Dad as he was getting for work and was on his trail as he stepped out of the house. I would tell Dad, “I wanna walk with you till the shop.” He knew what my game plan was and as I was shit scared to make my demands in the house as it would provoke mom’s ire. He took me to the shop and I was treated with ma favorite ice-cream, choco and biscuits. Bless you, Dad. How I miss those wonderful times spent together!

There are no better memories than the ones spent in college. My college days in Pune remains the best moments of life where I spent three perfect years, waiting for my first crush at 7 a.m in front of the college katta where I would try every trick in the book to strike a conversation with her. Well! Her smile was the most beautiful thing that would melt my heart. You know how it feels when the most beautiful and most popular girl at Fergusson College says Hi to you. What a feeling! She is getting married in December and I gotta an invite, but unfortunately, I wouldn’t be able make it.

The wonderful memories discussing in Philosophy class about ethics, sexuality and religion with our amazing lecturer or the first friends we made in college. I fondly remember rose day, tie day, bunking classes to bond over coffee and smoke as well as movies watched at E-Square in Pune. How I wish those wonderful years would come back again? They were the best days of my life.

Memories are all about the bonding at the work place with colleagues with whom we share a strong connection. I still miss my older office where I spent three wonderful years in life and it was so much fun working till 2 a.m in the morning. It was a hectic schedule and several times, struggling on pages as sub-editor but no complain since it was fun bonding with colleagues with whom I connected. It was like being back to college life but this time in in a news room. The jokes, silly banter and yeah, gossiping. The next day, the briefing session with the boss where I was shit scared facing her fury. The questions asked by boss, ‘Why is the page so late? Give me an answer? I had the most wonderful boss for three years and, after the initial scolding, I bonder well with her and smile when I recalled how she trusted me with work as a professional. I miss those times.

Memories shall always remain etched in our memories and the images flashed in our mind are captured with the camera of thoughts. The pictures that shall never be erazed, destroyed or digitalized. Memories illuminate our lives and gives us a kick when we tank in a depressed mode. What’s life without the fond memories? I guess boring and a life not worth living.




Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

57 thoughts on “Write Tribe Festival of Words: Memories

      1. Wouldn’t that be magnificent 🙂 Think of how the world would change if we deleted all the wars and death from the history books. The only memories and tales would be good.

      2. Exactly! I need to wire my brains since at times I tend to spend too much time worrying what someone told me in the wicked manner. That’s awesome my friend and hope one day shall come where no wars will take place. Thanks for this one, AL:)

  1. What fun this prompt is turning out to be. Loved your take. So you’ve worked with a newspaper.. I’ve been there. The morning meetings.. The late page.. The fights with the advertising department and the design department… Ooh you made sooooo nostalgic.

    1. Now, u prompting me to start a whole series on my experience as a sub-editor and, subsequently, as a journalist. You know it’s crazy as a sub-editor editing stuffs, saving whole stuffs to put on page and fighting with designers pitching for more space to include more words, pictures, blurbs and strap lines:) Glad we could connect on that:)

    1. Love the way u’ve put it Kathy, Tapestry of life. I absolute love ur take on memories and I am someone who treasure past memories like hell. It gets to me when I think about the magical times:)

    1. Jyothi! I feel most of us spent the wonderful and bestest times in college and thanks for liking it. Sometimes, I feel it was just yesterday I walked in campus and miss college terribly. I spent three best and perfect days of life at Fergusson College, my alma mater:)

  2. College Katta, Cutting Chai and Sharing Vada-pav and Misal…huh!!! Strange our life we want to grow up and now when we are grown ups..we miss our childhood and teen years…
    ‘Bas yaadein..yaadein..yaadein reh jaati hai…
    Choti..choti..choti baaten reh jaati hain’

    1. You’ve said what lies in the heart: college katta, cutting, chai. Misal pav, vada pav aand what not bas yaadein hi reh jata hai aur dil rota hai. I, too, am amazed how we wanna grow up to become adults when we were kids and when we grow up, we wanna be kids again. Life deals with us in a strange manner and blame it on our fickle human emotions…zindagi na milegi dobara:)

  3. ah! The joys of our childhood!! they always make me smile!! 🙂
    You brought back memories of my college days as well!! We used to have so much fun! 😀

  4. memories make our life worth living. sometimes its the lovely memories that help us get through the present. thanks for sharing yours. enjoyed reading them 🙂

  5. Memories are powerful.. Once you’ve experienced them, they latch on to you and can give you strength and happiness later on in your life…

    I remember dad getting me chocolates when I was young too 😀

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