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The Boy: Wednesday Prompt

I missed participating in the prompt provided by, ‘The Boy: Wednesday Prompt as I choose to explore the love between the father and his boy. Hope you like my take on the prompt. I am using the beautiful and powerful shot of The Boy and the wonderful photo credit goes to Unfortunately, I just realized that I missed the prompt by an inch of seconds as I registered on writetribe but still, the prompt found its way. I leave it to your appreciation and do let me know.


The doting father held the new born baby to his chest and kissed him on the forehead;

It was his boy, the only son who means the world to him;

As the baby cried, the father sacrificed sleep and food to stand by his side thinking, ‘He must be worried.’

The boy grow up to become closer to his Dad and the mother was jealous of the growing fondness;

After, he was also her boy, thought the loving mother;

The father never scolded the son and all his demands were met;

He never told the son that he went to bed with an empty stomach and drained his savings to meet the boy’s demands;

As the boy grow into a handsome dude, the father took him to school by holding his tiny fingers;

He cycled the boy to school and gently held him on his lap;

When the teenage boy took ill in school, he carried him in his arms,

the world didn’t matter. After all, who are they to laugh and scorn at?

It was his boy;

As the boy stepped into adulthood, he wouldn’t let him to venture faraway in the bad world;

He would shield the boy from evil and nobody had the right to say anything to his prince;

He protected the boy like the tiger does to his cubs;

He was emotionally attached to the boy and nobody had the right to separate them;

But, the boy wanted to live his life and was growing irritated by the over protecting father;

They had tiffs and ugly spats;

After all, the boy wanted to explore life;

The boy couldn’t understand it was the love of a father;

Still, they shared a strong emotional bondage;

The time came when the boy moved away from the father and ventured in a different world, separated by seas

They spoke on phone and the boy always relied on the father when he was in deep trouble;

After all, it was the father who understands him completely;

The father complied to the boy’s wishes;

After all, he was his little boy;

Then, one day, every good thing had to come to an end;

The father was on the verge of breathing his last;

The boy came back to meet his father for the last time before the last journey;

His wish was fulfilled as he got a last glimpse of his lil’ boy;

He grabbed the hand of his lil’ boy on his death bed;

He closed his eyes as the son held his hand tightly;

Now, the boy was alone in the big bad world and have to fight his way without the father;

Yet, the love and blessings of the father is eternal;

Love never dies;

The boy still misses the father,

if he could go back in time and make for lost times.




Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

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