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100 Words on Saturday-10: I’d Do Things Differently

How much I love the 100 Words. Today, I am participating 100 Words on Saturday 10-I’d Do Things Differently- a prompt provided by Aditi ( and it’s December..yay. Hope you like my take on the prompt. I have an important announcement to make and check the link where I did a guest post on Garima Srivastav’s Nag’s blog on movies and its effect on people. Do lemme know the feedback.


I’d Do Thing Differently

The project fell apart and the client rebuked them for the lack of hindsight as crores were invested. The head was furious as he stormed his way to the HR office, tendering his resignation. The arrogant HR manager told him, “If you were in my place, you would have done the same. We cannot afford more man power.” He looked straight into the HR eyes and said, “Exactly! What we needed was more man power and the project would have been in our hands today. Had I been in your place, I’d do things differently.” He walked out of the office.





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26 thoughts on “100 Words on Saturday-10: I’d Do Things Differently

  1. Loved the take on the prompt! Cutting man power…the very imp human resource is not always the answer! Brought out the woes of today’s corp world brilliantly in 100!

    1. It’s fiction but I know someone who told them. Guess, I don’t have the guts to tell them..many factors into consideration but one should, so you see, a minus in my character..see I’m no strong as a person.

    1. Yeps! Contrary to popular belief, many companies are inefficient and blame is passed on the staff. My former employer was an expert at inefficiency and the start and for the next three years, everything was fine but poor management decision fucked up things.

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