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55 on Friday-2: Conditions Apply

Today’s prompt is provided by the wonderful Vidya Suri  of , 55 on Friday ‘Conditions Apply on I am churning out four different super shorties on the different interpretations of ‘Conditions Apply’, whether on our Car EMI, Insurance and why not love, sex and Dhoka. Hope you enjoy the stories.




Conditions Apply: Not Every Car has a Silver Lining

She lay down on the floor, her body suffering from cuts and bruises as bystanders flocked around her. She couldn’t believe that her brand new BMW car has been taken by the goons under the name of recovery agents. The bank never told her that conditions apply for non-payment of EMI with perks of goons.


Conditions Apply: Kiss of Death

Let’s kiss and make intense, passionate love.

Think again, baby. You shall regret it coz it may be the kiss of death

I wanna drive you wild on bed.

Let’s do it baby but remember Conditions Apply.

They lay naked on bed.

His body lay still on bed as the bullet pierced his head.


Conditions Apply: Read Carefully

His car met with an accident on the highway and he escaped unharmed quite miraculously. He took the insurance contract mentioning claim of 10 lakhs and asked for his cheque to the beautiful lady at the counter. She told him “Sorry Sir, we cannot give you the money. Read the letter carefully. Conditions Apply.”


Conditions Apply: The Perfect Plan

I will decide how, when and where to kill her. She is my wife.

What the fuck! We gave you 10 crores and we need to know. The bitch is making our life hell by inquiry into our business deals.

Conditions Apply. You will find the dead body or she may just disappear never to trouble your 500-crores empire.





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