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100 Words on Saturday 9-Had I Looked Back

Today’s prompt on 100 Words on Saturday 9-Had I Looked Back- is provided by Nischala Murthy who blogs at  Verve ( and please give her a big shout.

Had I Looked Back:

The linky for 100 Words on Saturday – 9 will be open until the end of day on 30 November 2013




Had I looked back, I would realize how much you loved and cared for me. I would not have looked for happiness elsewhere but delved into my own heart. Had I looked back, I would wait seconds, minutes and hours to shed my ego so that I could love you back. Has I looked back, I would enjoy every minute of life and avoid tiff with Dad, sometimes ugly coz such wonderful times never come back. Had I looked back, I would tell Dad how much I love him and I am being stupid for reacting in the most illogical and immature way.



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24 thoughts on “100 Words on Saturday 9-Had I Looked Back

    1. Mine is entirely fiction. Well, there are few regrets and I feel that we should think about ourselves a bit and a fine balance must be worked out between what we do for ourselves and our parents.

      1. well, as I lost my father before I could give him anything at all, barring silent love and some hugs and kisses I made up with my mother (now I regret that a lot, I know I should have given my own life a priority, a lesson I learned too late…)

        I too believe in your final statement and tell that to others- there should be a fine balance, keeping in mind parents were there for us and wont be with us forever (unless of course they outlive their kids)

      2. I feel it is important to give the self happiness and give your life the best. I glad we agree here after disagreeing on few stuffs..hehe. One should keep our parents in mind but, at the same time, what will happen to us after the parents are gone..our frustration for not making it and as you rightly pointed out, they won’t be with us forever. But, one should not neglect parents since they sacrificed their lives for us. Believe me, it’s a dilemna.

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