Happy budday, Sudhendu

It’s been Seven years my friend and as I look back, it feel like it was just yesterday we bonded over coffee, smoke and alcohol;

How time flies and how life is an illusion of sorts;

Today is your birthday and I wish I could pick up the phone to wish u, many happy returns of the day;

Is there something called cell phone in your world?

I wish I could find my way to communication in your world free of suffering and material bondage!

I miss you and at times, it terrible;

But, I feel that you have never gone anywhere and you are keeping a watchful gaze over us;

At times, I feel your presence through the emotions to let me know you are visiting;

You have never gone far away from us;

Yet, you choose to go without telling;

That’s how life is my friend and I know you are laughing when seeing me typing;

I know you are very happy wherever you are and I feel happy chatting to you at times;

Happy Budday, Sudhendu Bhai;

We will meet some day.


PS: This poem is dedicated to a dear friend of mine who passed away in 2006. How I miss him but he makes me feel his presence so many time. I shall come up with a post during the week end.



12 thoughts on “Happy budday, Sudhendu

  1. Sometimes when we need them the most, they are there as a guardian angel, comforting and holding us close.

    This is a great tribute to your friend Vishal

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