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Letter Unsent-5: Neither Do I Forgive Nor Forget


I am participating in Letters Unsent-5 for and today’s prompt is, The person who caused you a lot of pain / Some one you wish you could forgive.


Neither Do I Forgive Nor Forget

There are so many people that we meet in this journey called LIFE. Some of them make our lives beautiful and there are some that we wished that we have never ever met in our journey. Do I hate such people? The answer is an affirmative one. I am a person who never forgive or forget. There are some beings who have put me down in life, and, over the years, I thought that I cannot do anything in life and, unfortunately, they have been successful in letting me believe that I cannot do anything at some point or the other.

This letter is addressed to those people I hate and whose actions have nurtured in me a belief that I can never ever forgive nor forget them. Period. You were brought you in my life as a relative and kin. Perhaps, you will never realize how your actions destroyed my childhood in an indirect manner. The constant fights and vile actions led me to a witness where my parents were at your receiving end. You stole my parents’ property and verbally abused them. As a child, I was witness to your inhuman actions and treachery behavior where I grow up with limited means that led us to live in a single room. How you fooled my father as co-inheritor of property and stole his rightful and legal share from my grand father? At some point, we had nothing in life and how my parents struggle to make both ends meet so that they could afford me a good education. I grow up as a kid who lacked confidence in everything I did in life and became timid in life. It took me years to get confidence in things I was doing. Do you think I can ever forget you? I am afraid not! You robbed my childhood of its innocence. You brought pain to my existence and left scars in my life.

You were a college mate and the way you went around to bitch about me in campus makes me laugh now. How unintelligent you are, idiot to back bite about people like that? I pity you and your life’s perspective in the manner you choose to give me unwanted names? It sucks. I dunno whether you are aware how stupid and mediocre you are! Perhaps, you don’t know that by running people down doesn’t make you smart or cool. Today, I look down on you and the time I get to know of your silly antics, I stopped talking to you. I am a person who like people who come clean in life about things and hate this whole business of back biting and running people down behind their backs. I have no respect who don’t have the balls to stand up like a dignified person.  You were not alone but your silly gang of highly prejudiced people who went on and on in giving me a bad name reeks of ignorance . Stupidity has a name and it’s you guys. The whole business of giving me a stupid nick names shows your true character and proves that you guys don’t have the intellectual ability to think beyond your silly nose.

Next in toe, are the two of  you who manipulated in office. I feel sad that I trusted both of you in office and assumed that you were honest. Silly me for not seeing what both of you were up-to some conspiracy in office. It was not about me but how both of you just joined office and went ballistic in your actions  to destroy the team work and, ultimately, led to the closure of the department. The kind of lies you spoke against our head of department were told in a convincing manner. It was cheap. It is so disgusting considering that our head of department is one of the kindest lady I have ever met and who know her stuffs on the tip of her fingers. It was not just a newspaper for me but my life, considering how hard the team worked to make things happen for us. We believed in the product and find it utterly unacceptable that the two of you came to break things down. The first one who is the biggest manipulator need to get her head checked for indulging in such ridiculous antics.

As far as the other beings I loathe are concerned, I choose not to address them a letter since they are not worth mentioning.

Have a good day





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14 thoughts on “Letter Unsent-5: Neither Do I Forgive Nor Forget

  1. That was quite a bit of latent anger that was let out through this letter. Here’s hoping you feel a little better by letting off all that steam now.

  2. Yes.. we all meet such people in our lives. That nasty colleague or that mean classmate. I could well relate to your post. Glad you could vent here.

    1. I’m so happy you could do and there are so many of us who have similar experiences. Blog is such a medium to make us feel better and looking to vent more and more. Watch out for this space:)

  3. I like your honesty vishal, I too neither forgive, nor forget some of the people I have come across but I don’t waste my time hating them or thinking about them. I just keep in mind their actions for my future safety.

      1. exactly. that’s what my way of looking at them too! they stop existing in my world 🙂 unless of course they prefer otherwise, the world is filled with stupid people who think that bothering others is their birthright

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