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A Tribute to Bharat Ratna, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar


Sachin autograph

When the Grand Master and living Master walked off the iconic Wankhede Stadium, the whole nation bowled for him. Men like Sachin rarely walk the earth and the nation has an ongoing love affair with the man who swept the nation with him. This is his power and the moment he was declared out, the crowd stood and roaring shouted, Sachin Sachin Sachin. What a moment! I saw it on TV and cursed my fate for not witnessing the same at Wankhede Stadium.

I confess that I discovered both cricket and Sachin very late in my life and that too, towards the end of college days. Sachin is a phenomenon that cannot be expressed in words and one has to experience the frenzy of fans. One may say there is a life beyond Sachin and what’s so special about him? Well, everything is special about the living God. The time I made Mumbai my home, I was staying at the International Students Hostel at C-Road, Churchgate which is minutes away from Wankhede Stadium. I have seen fans batting for the legend and the media , fans frenzy storming their way to Wankhede Stadium to catch a glimpse of the sports hero, the man they not only adore, love but worship. There are certain things that cannot be expressed in words and that’s why Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is a phenomenon and a living God. Who says God doesn’t exist? Of course it does and it’s Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.

Why I love Sachin? It is simple. The love and passion he has for his game has surpassed all monetary consideration. He is a man who believed in Indian cricket and carried the game on his shoulders for 24 years. Despite achieving so much in his life, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar has remained a very modest and humble person who never forgot his middle class roots as well as his Maharashtrian belonging. This is true success for me. There are many entities who achieved a little in life and bask in their glory by become arrogant. Just imagine the man who is such a legend and has success thrust upon him and yet, he remained a simpleton. Sachin is an inspiration to all of us and how I wish he would play more cricket to entertain us for more years.

I recall there was a time when he entered a low phase and he didn’t speak much but just concentrated on his game. He was back with a bang in 2010 and British media urged Wayne Rooney to learn from Sachin Tendulkar. Just imagine the man was going through a lean patch but focused on his game and the moment he reached 14,000 test runs, columnist Ed Smith who reminded how Sachin battled adversities to emerge as winner. The famous quote from Sachin, “When they throw stones on you, make the milestones,” and I think it says a lot on his attitude on the pitch. The bottom line can be interpreted as keep working hard, don’t respond to critics but slowly make your way. This is the power of the man.

What an inspiration Sachin been and what a beauty on his match in his home turf, Wankhede Stadium and the way he curled his bat with the master strokes. I felt like watching the Sachin of 90s and 200os where he batted with the master stroke of a genuis. What batting and that too, for the last time. It’s amazing and I feel he did it for his fans. It was Sachin’s way to pay tribute to his fans. Of course, I wanted Sachin to score 100s but isn’t it asking too much?! Sachin is beyond Hundreds’ but what matters how be bowled in style.

I confessed I cried like millions in India and across the world when Sachin made his exit speech at Wankhede Stadium today and the man, choked in emotions spoke about his life, his childhood days, father, mother, Guru Ramakant Acherekar, his wife Dr Anjali, team mates and fans. The master blaster had a word for every one and I am still crying when I am thinking of the speech made by my favorite sports man and living God. The words must have echoed not only at Wankhede but across Mumbai and India. The inspirational speech was something to die for when he echoed the words,ย Chase Your Dreams, Don’t Give Up, The Path Will Be Difficult.”
“Don’t try to find short cuts”
“We are privileged to be able to serve the nation, to serve the sport!”
“The chant ‘SACHIIIIINNN SACHIINN’ will always remain with me, till my last breath.”#SachinTendulkarย to fans.

It’s one of the best speeches bearing the mark of a motivation Guru and something I haven’t heard for long. It’s a cricket milestone he is so used to, a super sixer and I don’t know how to describe the speech coming from the heart. In the end, no amount of Thank You, Sachin hash tags will be enough to thank the man for giving us so much in life. No! There will never be another Sachin, at least, not in the next 10,000 years.

Today is a sad day in the history of Indian Cricket..Gosh! Tears still rolling down my cheeks but the cherry on the cake is Sachin has been given the Bharat Ratna. It is about time for what Sachin has given to us and what a fitting tribute to the Grand Master. It is a moment of pride and deserve everything that’s coming his way. No words can describe the God of Cricket and dream of the day when I shall meet him.

I don’t think that I will watch, follow and read Cricket with the same enthusiasm now coz the game can never be the same without the living God and legend, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.

Thanks a ton, Sachin Sir

With Love





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