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Adnan Sami: He Came, He Saw and He Conquered

Hi folks, this piece on the musical show of Adnan Sami appeared in the magazine ‘Weekly’, for which I am doing an internships, last Thursday. I was simply bowled and charmed by the singer who is among the top seven best pianists in the world. It goes without saying that the fan in me got the better than the journalist. Hope you enjoy!




adnan sami


The stage was set at J&J auditorium on Friday as hostess, Neelam Sharma introduced British born, Canadian citizen of Pakistani origin, Adnan Sami, who is a rage in India. The singer, who has to his credit several albums that topped the charts for years made a grand entry, accompanied by his orchestra of musicians on drums, guitar, piano, trumpet, made a jig and performed to his hit song, ‘Oyla oyla’ from the movie Ajnabee.

The singer performed by moving his body and hand movement, in sync with the music, looked for the perfect chemistry with his audience. The singer, who shot to fame in the year 2000 with the album, ‘Kabhi to Nazar Milao’, with famous singer Asha Bhosle, looked for the audience’s prompt response. The audience responded timidly with a few voices that could be barely heard and Adnan Sami made grimaced. The best part in the start of the show is how he teases the audience’s shy reaction. It was plain hilarious!

He interacted with the audience and confessed that he was greeted to the pouring rain pouring and somebody apologized to him on behalf of the weather. The singer naughtily remarked, “Rain or shine, I adore being here. What the goodness! It’s raining,” which provoked a laugh riot. The next song, ‘Dil Kya Karein’ was beautifully rendered as an ode to the rain, in his own words.

The best part of the show was just about to begin where the piano was played for three minutes non-stop which enraptured the audience in the jam-packed hall. Sami, who is a trained classical singer, musician and had the first brush with the piano at the age of 7, displayed high octane energy as he enthralled the audience with his mastery on piano for three awesome minutes.

He danced his way to his musicians and struck the perfect chord as he enacted a golf strike as the orchestra belted the tunes. He churned out several high end musical scores that were on top of the Indian charts for a very long time. The audience was treated to hugely popular numbers such as ‘Tere Bina Jeena Lagana’, Sun Zara, Dil Keh Raha Hai in his own inimitable voice. One can feel the pain and the passion in the love songs that would move even the non-believers of love.

The singer who confessed of losing 170 plus kilos entertained the audience with several other hit songs, “Ishq Hota Nahin Har Kissi Ke Liye”, “Nain se Nain Mile and Kabhie Toh Nizar Milao, interspersed with sharing some tit-bits of his life. “There are certain songs that are very close to my heart and they represent different phases in my eventful life.” He led the audience into his life, as he dedicated the song ‘Noor-e Khuda’ to his creator Allah whenever the going gets tough.

The singer played with the audience leaving them in splits and urging them to join him, “Mauritius! I can’t hear,” aping their timid reaction. In no time, Adnan Sami conquered the audience by making them sing along. It was a tale of perfect harmony as he posed naughtily in front of the camera.

On public demand, he signed off with the hugely popular ‘Lift Karadey’ as he urged the audience to get on its feet and dance their way towards the stage.

Adnan Sami expressed his happiness to be part of the cause of Thalessemia for which he performed.

Don’t they say, music is food for the soul? What you get with three hours non-stop musical extravanganza for a good cause is the footprint of a master-stroke genius.




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12 thoughts on “Adnan Sami: He Came, He Saw and He Conquered

  1. seems like someone got absolutely charmed. I love a few of new gen singers – Adnan, Shaan, KK are three of them. Adnan possesses a magical voice. I did not knew he plays piano beautifully! that’s a bit unfair of God 🙂

    1. I did, Sharmi and was singing throughout the show..I love this new gen of singers, Shaan, KK, Sonu..been a fav of Shaan since bhool ja song:) Yeah, hez one of the best pianists in the world::) Why unfair? lolzzz

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