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Savecampcola residents in Mumbai

Justice delayed is justice denied! The Supreme Court has observed in a judgement that the residents of Camp Cola building in Mumbai is illegal and the building will be destroyed. It hurts when we see the residents who sweated to acquire an apartment in the building to see their dreams destroy out of thin air. Member of Parliament in Mumbai, Priya Dutt has pledged support to Camp Cola residents  and, it seems, that legally there is a chance that their houses can be restored. Hence, I support the residents through my blog and urge all of you to support the residents who will be deprived of any form of compensation. Please support the residents of Camp Cola building and below read the interview of MP Priya Dutt where she enumerates the reasons why she supports the initiative.

Please spread the word


I’m supporting #savecampcola are You ? Please join in and support innocent citizens as a Mumbaikar…I request one and all to come out and support the residents of Campa Cola compound… Together We Can…

My stand on the issue :-
Q1) I believe you visited the residents of the Campa Cola Compound. Why are you supporting residents of illegal buildings?

Ans: It pains me to see a 140 families being thrown onto the streets without any compensation or relocation. I visited them on humanitarian grounds. Their buildings will be demolished next Monday and they are distraught by the SC order. I went to comfort them. Further, I am given to understand that the buildings are largely unauthorised and only partly illegal.

Q2) What do you mean by unauthorised and illegal?

I am told 75% of the area to be demolished is within the permissible FSI limit but beyond the sanctioned plans. This area as per law can be regualrised. The area beyond the FSI limit, which is only 10% of the permissible FSI is the illegal part. That the members were willing to self demolish, but the corporation denied them that.

Q3) If it is regularisable then how come the BMC issued demolition notices?

That is the surprising part. The residents have shown me BMC internal notings that shows that the builders had been charged penalty for regularisation. The newspapers also have reported it. It is preposterous that they now want to demolish for what they have taken penalty to regularise.

Q4)Do you think there is a chance that their houses can be saved?

Ans: Yes, it can be done, within the legal framework. The violation on the plot is only 10 % and there are several ways in which their houses can be saved but it requires political and humanitarian will.

Q5)How can that be done?

Ans: An ordinance can be promulgated, since the same has been done in the case of the slums, which have encroached on government land, why can’t it be done for people who have legally bought their houses and who have been paying all government taxes on. The other option is that as per BMC their plot is still undivided. Since there is land available there, part FSI from that land, can be sold to the residents to regularize the FSI violation.

Q6)These buildings were supposed to be only 5 stories high but they are 20 stories high? How did this escape the BMC’s eyes?

Ans: I am shocked to read in the papers that the Municipal Commissioner has recently said that the BMC officials back then were terrorized by the underworld. If the BMC who are the custodians of the development laws can get away saying something like this then what does a common man do? The CM should set up an enquiry into the misdeeds of the corporation till such time they should stall the demolition.

Q7)So the court has said that they knowingly bought these flats.

With all due respect to the court, the residents have my sympathy. Back in 1980’s there was no RTI. Besides, the developers did not disclose in their agreements that they had received stop work notices and that they had paid penalties. The builders need to be taken to task for this.

Please sign the petition

You can save families and their children from getting evicted.



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10 thoughts on “Savecampcola residents in Mumbai

  1. It is unfair when red tape stops people living somewhere they have worked hard to get. Yet, if it was the government officials, it would have been changed so they could stay there in seconds

    1. It’s so sad! I, mean, those people have toiled so hard and sweated so that they can afford buying a house. And, now due to red tapism, they stand to lose everything. Why blame them? If they are illegal, what bout those builders who sold them these flats n what bout corporate buildings and other societies in the city where the Floor Space Index may have been manipulated? It’s beyond my comprehension how a court judgement has not looked at the humanitarian aspect. Thanks Alastair for your perspective and I appreciate it a lot. Good day:)

      1. Unfortunately, judges tend to only look at what is on the paper, they don’t look at what is in the heart or the history.

        You’re welcome Vishal, I hope you have good day (or good night)

      2. I feel this is the problem with technical people and not everything can be decided by sticking to the book of law. One shouldn’t forget that it concerns the lives and heart of people. Let’s promise that we will take into ac the humane side of life. It doesn’t harm to show some love to ordinary mortals like us. Thanks and had a good night n morning et getting set for good night in few hours:)

  2. What were they doing when the building was being erected? my heart goes out for the families residing there and it should be stopped unless of course its dangerous to live in that building. the builders who have done the wrong thing should pay for the damage not their innocent victims.

    1. Exactly. The BMC turned a deaf ear and how can a judgement not take into account how much the people have worked hard and now they stand to lose everything. But, there is some respite as the court has stopped the demolition:)

    1. Yeah! There is some respite and let’s hope their is some arrangement as court stayed demolition saying ki there must be alternate housing for them. The worst thing there is no compensation. The ugly face of capitalism and if their homes are illegal, so are skycrapers of corporates and politicians.

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