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We need drug free Goa and time to clean the mess

What comes to your mind when you think about the land of Feni, silky white sand and clear water? Goa!!! The perfect ode to break away from the hum-drum of routine life style and rejuvenating the soul, lying on the beach and sipping your beer or Feni in the shacks. The emerald waves and eco-friendly greenery in Goa is the perfect tourism destination in India. However, all is not gory as a Nigerian was killed and what followed was a string of comments coupled with backlash in the African country as well as violence sparked in beautiful Goa.

Goa is paradise on earth and it’s revolting to see a handful of Nigerians storming the streets to protest in the most violent manner. It’s pathetic and shameful. There is no two ways about it: One should respect the country they live in and they should do nothing to disrespect the law. It’s true that there has been unfortunate comments on the part of Goa CM but it is not a justification on the part of Nigerians to bring the city to a halt and using violent methods in a country which is not theirs. I feel India should have expelled those Nigerians guilty of using violence on the streets.

I mean, what the fuck? What is that supposed to mean? You enter a country, any country on Visa and you use violence on the city, on the state and its people. Come on! You gotta respect the law of the land and not act in such a despicable manner by blocking the roads. I agree one of your compatriots has been murdered and it’s something any sensible person will condemn. But, to act in such a manner cannot be forgiven. It’s simply not cool to threaten the peace of the state and I feel such anti-social elements from Nigeria should have been expelled right away.

However, I also condemn the unfortunate statement made by Goan minister Mandrekar who called Nigerians, cancer and are people who do drugs in India. Such kind of labeling such be avoided and it can lead to racist row. I find it not only pathetic but revolting that the Nigerian diplomat who sent offensive an sms to the police chief in Goa, threatening ย her of repercussions on Indians staying in his country if his people are targeted. As a diplomat, the gentleman should know better how to handle things and it doesn’t fit his status as an envoy. I am surprised why the Indian government didn’t do anything about it and it’s a diplomatic lapse that shouldn’t be forgiven. I feel that the diplomat should have been declared persona non grata and expelled immediately.

While I condemn any attempt to label all Nigerians as drug peddlers or any racist comments against them, it is a fact that many people from Nigeria have been found to be involved in nefarious activities such as drug trade, violence and flesh trade in places such as Mumbai and Goa. I am witness to that and once, I was on my way at Colaba when two Nigerians approached me, “Boss, cocaine, hashish ya drugs chahiye..ladki chahiye,” in their heavily accented Hindi. I was shit scared and ignored them. There have also been cases where Nigerian fellows illegally occupied some places in the outskirts of Mumbai and when the cops drove there, they were beaten up. It is a fact.

Let’s speak about it: Goa is truly a cosmopolitan state and safe haven for holidays that attract not only Indians but many foreigners. Unfortunately, Goa’s image has taken a dent with the infiltration of drugs, prostitution and crime which is giving a bad name to the state as well as threatening peace. The fight should be against drugs, gang wars and prostitution racket and if this means, driving and throwing out violent, dangerous and armed Nigerians, Italians or any other such nationals out of Goa, I fully support the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar. Goa must get back its clean image of being a drug free state and paradise on earth.




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4 thoughts on “We need drug free Goa and time to clean the mess

  1. Nigerians aren’t the only ones peddlign drugs.. You have people of many nationalities including our own doing it..

    that being sad, If these people were on a visa and not indians then they must be deported back for such violence..

    The drug problem is a getting larger and making it difficult for goans and tourists.. It needs a crackdown

    1. Yeah! That’s my point and the authorities need to crack down on the scourge of drugs. But, I don’t get it when you don’t respect the laws of the land and protest in a violent manner despite being on a visa. I mean, any country, you gotta respect the laws, na. Agree! Nigerians are not the only ones and our people are also involved but many of them are involved in drug and flesh trade.

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