Nonet: Music and comforting notes


My attempt for the Nonet, in response to prompt provided by Preethilata Sarkar of ( It was quite a task. and I know that I cut across a pale figure with the nonet, but no harm in trying. Who knows I may get better next time.

In music, a nonet refers to a composition that requires nine musicians for a performance and in poetry it refers to a composition which comprises of nine lines.

To put it simply, a nonet is a nine line poem. . A nonet can be written on any subject and rhyming is optional. The poem starts with a line that has 9 syllables in it. The second line contains 8 syllables, the third line has 7 syllables and it continues to count down to one syllable in the final line (ninth line)


The music echoes through the soon at night fall;

Comforting notes soothes the mind and soul;

Celebrating the song of life;

Experiencing life’s chakra:

Standing at the crossroad:

Praying for hope;

Love and Life;




write tribe




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