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Happy Diwali: Kindle the beautiful lamp in our hearts

Diwali HD Wallpapers 2013.1

Diwali, the festival of lights, came and went as we relished Mithai (Sweet) prepared with love and wear new traditional clothes;

As we looked back at the past Diwali, we enjoyed the day by spreading love and cheers;

A day to celebrate bond of love and friendship, as crackers are burst and we light diyas (earthen lamps) in the house;

An occasion where we call our loved ones to show affection in different parts of the world;

We think of the moment we spent as kids as our parents pampered us with love, affection, sweet, gifts and new clothes;

The moments spent together with friends as we hugged each other to show our love;

We made promise to be always with each other, no matter what;

Years has passed, we strengthened our bonds with our old chums, miss the ones who drift apart and made new friends;

Diwali is all about love, enjoying the fun times and exude in sheer delight as lamps are lit in our houses, city and world;

Let’s us kindle a beautiful lamp in our heart and spread love and peace;

Let us remind ourselves that there is no place for hatred, unhappiness and prejudice in this world;

We belong to one race, human race.

Happy Diwali to all




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14 thoughts on “Happy Diwali: Kindle the beautiful lamp in our hearts

  1. I love the lighting up house part of the Diwali and the fireworks; hate the crackers part 🙂 esp. the loud ones. it can be a real nuisance in metros, esp. if your neighbours are …. fortunately the neighbourhood here is good, very good!

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