Chirping a lovely tweet at the fall of night

In the dead silence of the night, the Gods tell a story witnessed by none;

The stars bring oodles of sparkling happiness witnessed by none;

The lonely woman, spurned by her lover, walks a lonely journey;

Oblivious of the ways of the world, he trusted blindly, men and women;

Yet, he shall not spread a shell of unhappiness and hatred among humans;

The lonely bird chirped a lovely tweet, yet, the night was falling;

Raat ki Raani (Queen of the Night) is blooming among the thorns;

Two lovers swimming in the still water at the moon’s;

The rains lashing yet it’s not the Monsoon season,

We are bearing the brunt and fury of Mother Nature.

The festival of light is round the corner as a new year filled with promises, hopes and

happiness is awaited.

Happy Dhanteras



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