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Day 4 @Work

You must be missing me on the blog and me, not leaving, my signature mark on your respective blogs, right?! As I told you, I am doing two weeks trial in a magazine and by the time I reach home I am tired like hell. I am up to the lark at 6 a.m and gotta sprint my way to office at 9 a.m, something I haven’t done for ages.

The first three days were crazy and, considering, that my starting time in the earlier newspaper was between 11 to 1.30, depending on my shift timing for the past three years. Aaram se, I was all chilled out and woke up to reach office. It’s been a change in the routine that I am trying to adapt to the new change in routine. When the clock struck 1 p.m, I am already dead tired and feel damn sleepy and groggy in the office. My only saving grace is coffee and time to reach to kitchen at 2 p.m where coffee is served. Or else, the Lavazza coffee machine serves me right for ten bucks.

The time I reach home, I crash on the sofa to make out for one or two hours sleep and have no courage, whatsoever, to comment on blogs or plan a new post for the day. Guess, it got to do with the fact that I’ve been sitting home, faraway from the madness of travel and inactive mind for the past six months. It’s only today that I am feeling much better and not sleeping at all in office.

Right now, I am still in office. Guess what? I got a musical show of Adnan Sami to cover and adrenaline rushing down my spine. I was ready to leave office at 5 when the good news came. Not bad on day no.4? I am starving for food and hungry like hell and I’ll get a respite post 10 p.m only. It’s okie, we can’t have everything and first time me gonna watch the slim Adnan from the guy he was in late 90s and the 2000s. Can’t wait to watch the guy perform and me hope that he sings…lift karadey and Kabhie Naee with Amitabh Bachchan, one of ma fav Adnan video.

I felt so new at work and it looks like I am working for the first time in the media industry. I feel gutted, lost and stuck in a rut since I’ve been out of action for the six months hiatus that I unwillingly took. It’s been a good break where I blogged extensively, spend the days on the couch turning into a fat potato and hooked to the laptop, Ipad and chatting with ma good friend M, sharing our miseries and whining bout life. I worked on ma rom-com novel and made wonderful friends online. I love you my blog and FB dosts, souls I’ve never met. Lifez sahi ho raha hai. I have a pending post for Whitescape’s blog and gotta pull my socks before she scares the shit outta me.

But, slowly, I am getting my way to the world of journalism and I got a byline along with a senior colleague on a piece written for Diwali. I am happy coz I wasn’t expecting to find ma name in print.

Ta-ta and will keep you all informed.

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