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Week end rambling and a small break

Hey folks, what’s been happening? I hope that you enjoying a good week end, sitting in the comfort of your plush sofa, sipping a good cup of tea or whisky over a good book as well as catching a good movie. I’ve got something to announce to you guys: After blogging extensively for almost every single day for the past six months, I have decided to break the habit a bit. I can see some disappointment, right? Nopes! I am not going away but, I will try to be here thrice a week and, if time permits, I will post poems and try to be here four times, let’s see.

After sitting at home for a period of six months and job hunting like crazy, an English newspaper made me a proposal to me and let’s see how it goes. I’ve been given two weeks trial where there is no commitment on our part and, if they are satisfied with my work, I will be retained. I’ve been told that since I’ve been involved in the issue of a daily newspaper where the style sheet is basically news reporting, they wanna see how I write in their magazine which is basically about life style, feature and pleasure reading. Fair enough. I’ve decided to take up the challenge and let’s see how things evolve in two weeks’s time. If, things go my way, I will make an announcement and things will set off well, if not, I will be back sitting at home and whining on the space.

I am also doing a freelance job for an Indian-based magazine in Dubai where I will contribute an article once in a month about everything Indian. I got a deadline till November five and till now, I only succeeded in speaking to two persons only and think I need three more guys to speak to. For now, I am reading against time but confident that I should get three more quotes and file the article by next Saturday.

As I look back at the whole blog during the past six months, ย we had an instant connect with each other fellas and I became good friends with some of you on the blog and Facebook, many of whom I’ve never met in public. I have some of you on my G-chat and you girls and guys, simply rock. You’ve been a great pillar of emotional support to me when I’ve turned to for support, encouragement and what’s not. It looks as if we know each other for years.

The week ended on a high and positive note. On Saturday, I was invited to a bacha party where there was the birthday of the nephew who turned 12. Kids really grow fast and I recalled the day when the nephew was born. How cute he was as a baby! Gosh! But, the party was good fun where I met family and friends. I love his choco budday cake where the kid was in for a surprise as his parents displayed some fire works on the cake. I had amazing chicken Briyani and the stomach made a double trip on the feast. When I reached home, I was damn sleepy and crashed.

Have an awesome week and wish me luck for my new assignment.

Till then, bye bye and ta-taa

With Love




Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

12 thoughts on “Week end rambling and a small break

  1. So happy for you Vishal! Many many congratulations ๐Ÿ™‚ hope the offer with the Eng newspaper goes well and you achieve all that you’ve aspired for!

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