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You stole my toys, thief, how will I play now?

You stole my toys and relished with pride in your achievement as I am left crying, nursing my wounds;

Lil’ do you realize how you robbed my childhood memories, innocence and angelic moment of life spent playing as well as living my dream as a toddler;

My Xmas gifts and toys…cars, buses and horse carriage, animals as well as horse that made me smile;

The gifts that my mom and Dad as well as my uncle from London brought for me;

You are such a moron. Do you know that?!

You are oblivious that you broke my heart as my childhood memories are destroyed in tatters;

You never cared me, isn’t it, stranger?

How I hate you, thief? I want to see your ruthless face as you don’t have a heart;

Now, I cannot play with my toys or glance at them for the sake of my memories;

As a child, I played with so much love and thought my belongings would remain forever with me;

Perhaps, it’s not meant to be?

Today, I cried my heart out as a part of me is lost to the ruthless world;

How my heart tinkled with joy and happiness when I was brought these gifts by mom and dad;

I caressed them with love and took utmost care of them;

Today, my toys have disappeared not out of thin air but through your own wrong doing;

You should have thought about me;

Deep inside, I shall be happy if a deprived child can play with my toys and I take solace that I can bring a smile to the face of that child.

PS: Toys are part of our childhood memories and as kids, we have all played with toys. My 15-year-old toys were placed in a carry bag and was left hanging outside the house. I told mom that we gonna clean them and keep inside the house. Woe betide me! My toys were not meant to be as mom discovered today that my toys disappeared. Somebody stole them when we were not at home. I am feeling bad and feel like crying. My childhood memories have gone for a toss and I don’t have anything, except my baby foot. I am very sad.




Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

8 thoughts on “You stole my toys, thief, how will I play now?

  1. I guess it was time to let go Vishal, be optimistic about it, maybe some poor underprivileged kid is playing with your toys right now and is probably happier than you could imagine 😀

    1. Haan! Now, as the sadness is subsided, I feel it’s time to let go and let the toys make the life of other kids, in particular, underprivileged beautiful. I’ll be so happy to see a smile on the face of such kids. It will be the biggest joy in life:)

  2. As I said in Fb…. someone else is making their memories. Even I have all sort of toys and some of my school books… they brings a kind f peace you experienced only in your childhood.

    1. Hey! Sheethal finally u found me..You so right both her and on FB that someone else is making their memories and I am et will be glad to see children experiencing the joy. The sadness lies in the piece experienced in childhood. But, what matters are the good moments:)

  3. I’m sorry your belongings were stolen. I don’t understand how someone can possibly find joy from stolen goods, but I do think it’s best for your mind to hope some child who didn’t have toys is playing with them now.

    1. It was some old toys from the childhood days and that’s what bugged me. But, at the same time, I will be truly happy if some under-privileged kids can play with them:) Spot on:)

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