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Letters Unsent-4 to an ex-flame and friend

I am participating in the Letters Unsent 4-Letter to an ex-love/crush- a prompt provided by Santulan of on Write Today, I choose to write a letter to someone who was actually more than a college sweet heart, a sweet but wonderful girl with whom I fell in love with. Unfortunately, things has gone wrong despite we became such good friends. I am the one who is responsible and hope someday, she can forgive me for being rude and cutting ties with her.



Dear G,

Sometimes, we end up doing things that we regret and wise people told us to observe our tongues and actions. I remember how I first saw you in college and when you spoke to me, asking directions where to pay examination fees. This was in our first year in college. We met in second year and clicked as friend. You are one of the most beautiful and pure soul I met. Yes, I developed a crush on you and started falling in love with you. It is the truth and no matter how stupid and weird I act, it’s a fact that I can never ever obliterate from my life. You are still one of the most beautiful girls I have ever known and met in my life. Your kindness, genuine heart and smile made me fall in love with you.


I still remember how I proposed to you on the eve of your birthday and you told me, ‘Vishal, you know that I have a boyfriend.’ The next day, you sms-ed and said that if you were rude to me, you are sorry. Nopes! You were not. After that, we became such good friends on your birthday and still recall how we hugged in front of the college gate. What a time, it was! I was so lucky in having you in my life as one of my greatest friend on whom I can rely. We went for movies together, chilled among common friends, hanged out at your place and mine with other college mates. We also hanged at Savera, our college hot spot. Yeah! We moved together and I was so happy of the times spent together. It constituted the wonderful times spent together and our friendship constitute one of my most precious memories spent in Pune and college.

Then, one day everything started to fall apart and we drifted away from each other, nicely forgetting about the good times spent together. I don’t know what happened to me and why I took my distance from you. I am to be blamed and, perhaps, my ego overpowered the reasoned self in me. I know that I’ve hurt you and was rude to you. I don’t know why. There is no reason why I shouldn’t tell how I am to be blamed and I refused to write something in your scrap book which you sent through one of our common friend. I refused to write and I am such an asshole not do so. You told me through sms and realized how I have hurt your feeling when you said, “Now, you don’t have time to write in the scrap book. All the best.”

I remember how one day after exams, I was sitting with some friends and you invited me to sit with you guys. I said that I am sitting with some friends and you said, “Sit with us, na. I am also your friend.” I didn’t and at that time, I didn’t realize what I did and I wouldn’t like it if someone behaved in that manner with me. I am the one who created the distance between us and once you asked me, if everything is right and said yes. But, I dunno what has gone wrong with me despite when I first met you, I silently prayed that we will remain friends forever.

Despite everything, you were nice and sweet to me. I had to shift places before moving to Mumbai and you kept my belongings at your place. I mean, who will do that? I do not even a place in your heart and perhaps, you have removed me from your heart. It is very fair on your part and it’s been seven years now. When I think, how we would wake up each other in the morning by giving miss calls at 7 a.m for lectures, I smile to myself. I am the one who destroyed everything and the lil bit of friendship between us. Yet, when my Dad was in the coma, I called you from Mumbai and you told me, “Listen! Be strong, okay.”

Guess, there are some friendships and relationships that are not meant to be. For me, you are one of the beautiful girls I have met in my life and yes, I do look at your pictures on Facebook secretly. I shout here, G, to say that I developed a huge crush and fell in love with you, it is something I will never ever deny in life. It is and was the most beautiful feeling. Your friendship mattered to me and it matters even now. I know we are not even in touch with each other and why should you be interested to be in touch with a loser like me.

I wish you all the happiness in life and wish that all your dreams will come true. I dunno why I hurt myself so much and it taught me a lesson never to do things that I will end up regretting. I will always send good vibes and energy to you and am sure that you have deserving people to be your friends. May you find the love of your life and you deserve all the happiness, G. I am not worthy to be your friend. I don’t know whether we will meet in life but I want to say sorry for hurting and disappointing you. Always stay beautiful and the way you are. Never lose the genuine and beautiful smile that makes you spread happiness and good vibe around.

You have a special place in my heart, G

With Love


PS: It is not fiction but a letter written straight from the heart. I needed to vent it out.




Work-in-progress, seeker, and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian!!!

16 thoughts on “Letters Unsent-4 to an ex-flame and friend

  1. it will be so sweet if your G is available and falls for you 🙂
    you can at least rebuild the friendship and take another chance if you love her so much! we live but once!! there wont be any second chance!

    1. Hey Sharmistha, see it was a lovely time we spent together and I keep fond memories of the times I fell for her. I know the love is not here and I didn’t speak bout love but the friendship and fond moments. i just want a chance to say sorry:(

      1. may be you will email her and let her know how much her friendship meant to you, come on, college kids may think that they are adult but they are kids and kids make mistakes, your friend will understand! its always good to let people who matter to you know that they do! if it is reciprocated bingo! if it is not then at least you wont regret your silence later! I am a believer of speaking out good things and see the outcome!

  2. I personally believe that letters like these are the reason that the entire Letters Unsent series is a blessing in disguise. Posts like these force us to think, dig up our memories and every once in a while come out with some memories like these which have been burdening us for a long time now. At least this post helped you get some ‘closure’ to this particular issue and I am happy for you for that.

    1. Spot on, Jairam. It’s burden that was buried long time in the heart and trust me, it was difficult refreshing the memory and writing this post. I feel a bit free writing this one but I dunno whether it’s closure. Perhaps, when I will be able to say sorry, the whole burden will fizzle. Thanks for appreciating:)

  3. A very sweet heartfelt post but hey buddy, never put yourself down, ‘cos that’s what will come across. Relationships are either meant to be or not meant to be and every make or break is never one sided. It always takes 2 hands to clap. Move on buddy, if you hold onto a past, how can your wonderful soulmate come into your life?
    Dropping by from the letter prompt.

  4. Hey Vishal, don’t call urself a loser. For nobody can make u feel inferior without your consent. and yes if things don’t work out in betwn both of u, I believe u should follow Suzy’s advice blindly.

    1. Thanks a ton, Jini, for the nice words. But, it’s my fault and I am only recognizing it. Lol! Work between us..but, I was only speaking about friendship. It’s been seven years now and Suzy spoke some wise words. I won’t call myself loser and it’s so true, nobody can make us feel inferior:)

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