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Har ek Friend Zaroori hota hai!

A Kodak moment in life captures immense joy as we say cheese and lived life to the fullest. The pictures capture magical moments and when we look at the pictures, we are carried to the fond memories of life where we lived each and every moment of life. Yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised when my good friend, Neraj, tagged me and the other college gang in pictures that wERE clicked in 2005.


Adi’s long curly hair can be seen.

pune 3

Hiding behind Neraj..guess some dance was going on.

pune 4

Neraj standing behind me as I was striking a pose. What with my filmy dreamz?!

I remember the times we were still in college and how lovely life was at Fergusson College in Pune and, perhaps. we took that life for granted. As I look at the pictures, tears rolled down my eyes and couldn’t believe it’s been eight years from now. How everybody has moved on in life and settled in different parts of the world?  Yeah! I remember the booze party, silly pranks and living a life, devoid of worry. Who can forget the innocent crushes and behaving like kids or the petty fights? I, so love, my college days and how I wish the King of Good Times would come back? Yeps! We were gorging on King Fisher Beer like water. How our priorities have changed in life?

These were the days when we were living every moment of life and never scared to indulge into adventures. The tale of young college boys and girls who swore by friendship was the mojo of one’s life. The countless cups of tea and coffee that we spilled down the throat as we sit for long hours in restaurants. Yes! Occasionally, there were temptation to smoke the weeds and experience with the Vodka and our regular outings to watch movies.

As I saw the pictures yesterday, I wonder where the crazy times has gone and I must confess, the pictures took me by surprise almost entirely. It was such a beautiful gift from a friend who kept the pictures and released them on Facebook. The pictures capture moments of happiness made possible during great friendship carved during our college days. With such awesome friends, I have realized how strong I am and can never fail in life.

It’s quite a Kodak moment. The friendship that we make in college last for a life time and makes life long happiness.

I shall leave you with the pics.

With Love



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10 thoughts on “Har ek Friend Zaroori hota hai!

  1. My college days weren’t made up of partying and fun (I worked 35 hours a week to pay for college and studied in my ‘spare’ time) but they were an era in my life I wouldn’t take back (or want to live again.)

    You are right, though, that friends from college can last a lifetime. I met my best friend in college (1995) and we’re still friends even though we don’t live that close to each other. I’m meeting her for lunch a week from Saturday 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your photos and your memories here!

    1. hey, that’s nice to know that you worked alongside ur studies. I feel it gives someone an edge in the work envi…our college life is the best and I wanna live that life again. Lemme know howz the lunch:) Thanks.

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