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Guest Blogger: The Whitescape on life and cyber relationships

Hi people, I am honored for the second time this week and today, I welcome the as the guest blogger on my space. The White Scape is another wonderful blogger whom I enjoy reading and let’s hear the introduction from the horse’s mouth. Make sure you give her a big shout on the blog. The Whitescape writes on a very interesting topic life, cyber relationships and our contempt on such kinda relationships by many people.

“White is my favorite color, hence the mention of it in my blogging name – Thewhitescape. I have always loved writing and that’s the primary reason for the existence of my blog. I’ve shaped my world and the blog according the developments in the vagaries of my own life. I am obsessed about movies and high heels; hates grammatical errors; loves Chinese food. Appreciation for my writings gives me a better high than vodka. Its my dream to give away autographed copies of my authored books to my fans. On the other hand Yes, you’re allowed to not like my writing, its not a must. But Yes, I love when you read them 😉
She can be contacted on
1.     Facebook – The Whitescape The Other Me
2.     WordPress blog –
Readers, please feel free to share your opinion by leaving your comments. As always your feedback is highly appreciated!  I shall do reply to them”

The Whitescape on life and cyber relationships:

Life is all about relationships. Family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, the list is just endless. Every day we come across sets of people and bond a relation with them. Be it the milk vendor, florist, dance class friends, the bottom line is that you, consciously or unconsciously form a bond with people in your life.

From a simple nod to a smile to hours of conversation, the depth of your connection may vary, but the string that ties us to other people remains the same. The need to love someone and be loved in return, to have someone to share with and be a part of their experience, our life revolves around these few things.

Enter the zone of internet; it’s a totally different ballgame. Anyone can now connect to total strangers, some of whom you may never meet in real life. And before you say ‘ahhh’ with that glint in your eye, let me hasten and add that online chat is not a lonely hearts club for frivolous chanter banter and sex talk in virtual town. It is a tool for reaching out to like minded people across the globe. It’s about wiring up people with common links, interests and attitudes. It could be said that the web would not have been half as alive and kicking but for the online chats and messaging. Agreed it is not as good as holding hands with your loved ones and whispering sweet nothings but typed in words still do the trick in the virtual version of real time conversation.

हर मोड पे होती है एहसास की रुसवाई, रिश्तों में दरार आई।

One thing that really hurts me is the way people ridicule and frown upon online chats. They look upon it as a thing of contempt and scorn people who swear by cyber relationships.

आप भी आए, हम को भी बुलाते रहिए, दोस्ती जुर्म नही, दोस्त बनाते रहिए।

Hey what’s wrong in making new friends? Don’t we do that in real life too? Don’t we walk across a roomful of people and introduce ourselves and get into conversations? Aren’t those people strangers for us at that moment of time? Besides how real are these real relationships?

In the virtual world, you might be geographically dispersed but you are on the same mental wavelength. It is not so the relationship in the real world don’t court for, they definitely do. But so do the cyber relationships. I agree there is a lot of deception in the online word, but same is the case in the real world. It is upon us as individuals to come out clean and create an environment of trust in this cyber world. Once you pick out the chaff from the wheat of network, channels and nicknames, your virtual friends ingratiate themselves into becoming your extended family (EF).

है लौ जिन्दगी, जिन्दगी नूर है, मगर इसमें जलने का दस्तूर है।

In all, cyber turf offers unending possibilities for making new friends and keeping in touch with the old ones. It’s entirely in our hands to make it a place of devil or archangel.





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