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Meet my Guest Blogger and friend, Sneha Bhat

Three years can be a long time in the amazing journey of life to know someone, isn’t it? Today, I present to you my guest blogger, Sneha Bhat whom I have known on the blog space for three years. Sneha was among the few bloggers who read and regularly commented on my blog at a time when I hardly had any followers and since then, there was no looking back. I found her blog by surfing one day and I fell instantly in love with her space, RENDEZ VOUS. Sneha is an amazingly talented writer whom I want to introduce on this space and make sure you give her a big shout on, I requested Sneha to do a guest post for my blog and she took the pain to sit  and write for my space. It’s so kind of you. Thanks and hugs, Sneha.

Sneha or SEPO hails from the beautiful land and paradise on earth, Jammu and is a trained engineer who works in Mumbai. Self-proclaimed feminist and artist by nature who seek happiness in small things. Over to my guest blogger, Sneha Bhat and let’s enjoy the journey in SEPO style where in a thought-provoking post, she wrote about something that affects our lives.



It’s Complicated

Sometimes I sit back and reminisce about the good ‘old childhood days. The simpler times. The days of playgrounds filled with us kids playing silly games. The time when counter strike and Xbox were unheard of. The uncountable hours spent saving Mario’s girlfriend. It is so amazing that I still remember all the places to collect the coins, eat that mushroom after a smart head-bang against the brick but I would have a very hard time remembering something like, say Bernoulli theory. With the advent of technology in every little sphere of our day to day lives, a lot has changed. The way we eat, the way we communicate, the way our relationships are is quite different from what it was around 10 years back.

Sneha Bhat
Sneha Bhat

I still remember when I was a kid we used to write letters to our cousins in other states. It was quite a taxing job, buying envelopes, stamps and finally the little voyage to that omnipresent little red letter box. However, the actual test started after the letter was posted, the anticipation and the wait involved had its own sweet sour experience. Sometimes calls from STD-PCOs were made to check whether the letter was received or not. Now imagine the state of lovers staying apart with only letters as the means of communication between them. Archie’s gift shops must have earned quite a fortune in 90s selling those colourful heart shaped letter pads and perfumed notepads. My English teacher once told us how her husband used to write her long beautiful letters when they were courting. She went on to explain how she would have to sit with a dictionary and try to understand the beautiful words he used. At that time I would have difficulty imagining someone written love filled notes for that devil of a teacher. But thinking of it now, it is so romantic, so old English and so Jane Austen and Margaret Mitchell.

Our generation is so far away from the genuine romance. The feeling unadulterated by desire. To us everything is just so accessible. Anybody is just a call away. To make that call we don’t have to go anywhere but just press a few buttons on our mobiles and that’s that. If not call there are other different modes by which we can transmit our messages. There’s text, then there is email, social networking sites and thanks to smart phones there are numerous apps which allow any one from anywhere to contact you.

Come to think of it, wasn’t the older time simpler and easier? Limited means meant there was nothing much to do apart from yearning and waiting. However in today’s scenario there is way too much confusion. I mean anticipation of hearing from someone is surely going to drive you nuts. Messaging someone on Facebook, then checking them on whatsapp to check out the “last seen” and god forbid if the last seen is greater than the time of the Facebook message, the other people is surely going to be on the receiving end of a lot of agony. And not just this, there are viber and wechat on one hand and Skype and hangout on the other. Sometimes it just feels really bad to wait and then get dejected by these different types of gadgets created to make our lives simpler. At times like this, I usually start missing the old times when there was one landline phone and you were either available or not. No mind games no confusions no mix-ups.

Apart from adding a complication into our lives, it is my personal belief that the presence of various gadgets have made us dumber. Take the mobile phone, for instance, all the contacts are stored into it. There was a time when I remembered all the phone numbers by heart friends, relatives, neighbours, mom’s friends, dad’s colleagues. Now sometimes I have trouble remembering my own number. My to-do and to-buy list is also very conveniently fed into my phone as and when I remember it. If I don’t do that I fail to recollect anything in the shop. And early morning dose of almonds also doesn’t seem to work. The dependency on my phone is so huge that sometimes I wake up sweating from the nightmares of losing it. Not just the phone, while jotting down some points in a meeting, I sometimes have trouble spelling simplest words, such is the dependency on the spellcheck tools. Thanks to MS Word for correcting my senselessly spelled words in a jiffy and making by posts readable.

The whole point of this rambling is that sometimes simplicity is really the best. Happiness derived from simple things in life is usually the best. An unexpected call from a friend, a sweet gesture, feelings, emotions and love. We need to come out of the gadget zone and try to spend some time with real people doing real things and experiencing the real happiness.



Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

12 thoughts on “Meet my Guest Blogger and friend, Sneha Bhat

    1. M happy that Sneha been lucky for both us. She writes amazingly well, isn’t it? I am honored to have Sneha on my space and it’s a beautiful friendship built over the years:)

  1. Lovely post! Sneha is right…I was in the hills this past weekend, driving around with old Hindi songs playing in the car and thinking similar thoughts. More power to simplicity in this world where we have made our lives more complicated than they need to be. Thanks, Sneha and Vishal.

    1. More power to you and Sneha. Sharp observation and it’s true how technology et social media has robbed us of the simplicity of beauty of life. As you said, the joy of listening to Hindi songs and travelling amid nature. Sneha so beautifully put it on the simple joy of playing as a child. Thanks to Sneha and not to me for this beautiful and soul-stirring post:)

  2. Hi Sneha & Vishal,

    I agree with Sneha – life consists of simple things, but we are the ones who tend to make things complicated I think with our ways. I wish more people would consider this simple fact and take life as it comes, instead of making it more complexed. You actually need very little to lead a happy life, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead, both of you 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Harleena. Sneha has beautifully reflected and written about simple joy in life, albeit, how we complicated our lives. I still relish playing with kids outside the house and deriving joy rather sitting with tech. You should thank Sneha and not me:)

  3. While I completely agree with what Sneha has to say regarding reducing our dependence on technology, the truth of the matter is that technology is here to stay and is going to change our lives forever. It is up to us to use the same smartly enough and ensure that we make the most of it. Technology is the one thing that is inevitable in our lives and the fact that it keeps changing and making progress is something that we all need to learn to live with.

    1. For sure technology is here to stay, but I feel it has robbed our life of so many simple and joyful things in life. Certainly, it exist and is inevitable, the reason why we are here..hehe..but, I often wonder where has the simply joy of life gone. I also feel that it is a weapon of the capitalist class and there is no bigger joy than reading a print copy of ur favorite newspaper. I have issues with e-book and e-papers. But, yeah, you right tech has facilitated things but has also taken a lot from us.

  4. This is the very kind of post which I always wanted to read . IT is nostalgic and also inspiring and so simplistic in words and emotions.A good job intricately developed to pierce through the cover and reach the heart.AMAZING.

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