New season, celebration and love

The windy breeze sets pace for the new season, promising hope, aspirations and love;

As we usher in the new season, we gear up for the festive season celebrating life and moments of love;

We promise to the self to find the love that has been waiting for us;

The charming prince and the beautiful princess are waiting to be loved;

A season of love where we will wait for the special someone whose hand we will hold till eternity,

and, vow to be together till death;

It’s a season of love as couples fall in love and kiss in the sunlight;

The promenade is the testimony of secret kisses, intimate passion and love-making;

The stones fulfilled the secrecy of lovers making love as they embrace the new journey of life;

In the city, the devotees throng to the busy streets to celebrate the Goddess with pomp and fervor;

In the midst of celebration, the busy streets has witnessed several accidents and aghast crime;

Yet! Today is a day for celebration as the city gets ready to celebrate the God, shelter new lovers in its womb and the new season.

Happy Saturday





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