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Wisdom story from the past

We were kids and roamed the streets like loafers and road side Romeos during the day. A tale of two good-for-nothing boys hanging on the deserted streets during the holidays, not knowing what to do and what not. We saw a gentleman, wearing a colorful tie on a white shirt and black trousers who walked towards us. The polished black shoes of the gentleman caught our gaze and he called us, hey. We started to run away and he smiled, “No! Stop! Don’t be scared and I wanna ask for directions to a place.” We stopped in our tracks and looking at each other, shit scared.

Gentleman asked, “Do you know where this office is located? I got an interview.”

We:”Oh! It’s just near. You just gotta walk a bit, take a turn to the left and you will see the office.”

He smiled and said thank you.

We nodded. We were still shit scared since our parents told us not to talk to strangers since one can never know what they have in mind and how they can harm us.

We watched him walking and he stopped, turned his gaze towards us. We replied, “Yes,”. Our voiced choked in emotion, still suspicious that he is a devil well dressed to kidnap and kill small children. He walked towards us and we were like what he want know. He opened his purse and took a 100 hundred rupee note to give us since we guided him. We refused the money but he was pushy. We ran away from him since we didn’t want to take the money. As we walked together on the deserted street, my friend told me, “Today, we refused the money because God didn’t want us to take it. The Almighty will make us rich, you know, coz we helped the man.” I nodded.

I wonder whether such kindness still exist in the world where people are selfless in helping each other and strangers, without expecting anything in return.

Have a wonderful Friday and Happy Subho Mahalaya





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13 thoughts on “Wisdom story from the past

  1. Kindness exists. I know it does. 🙂 Look closer, you’ll find it, within yourself, within many others too.

    1. That’s true, Shilpa. I was just asking the question and for sure, it exist, though there are quite a few black sheep in society:) I love ur lines, look within:) Made the Friday awesome::)

  2. Hi Vishal, Kindness is all around us. There are just so many good people I have met in my life that I cannot believe anything. Yes, but just a few of the bad apples, do poison our mind and make us distrust even the good people. My motto – do not give in to the voice of the devil inside but ALWAYS be alert.

    1. We should believe in the power of kindness and I was floored by kind souls in life. Yeah, I tend to give on people due to some bad apples hell bent on poisoning the mind. It’s a beautiful motto to live by:) Thanks for dropping, Poornima.

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