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WriteTribe’s Letters Unsent 3: Letter to M

LettersUnsetDear M,

We know each other since our college days and we exchanged a few hi’s and hello’s inside the college campus during our first and second year BA Class. I hardly remember us sitting in a cafe to exchange conversation or speaking to each other at length in college. Neither did we exchanged sme-es or sitting on the phone for a minute. I still remember how you scolded me in Sociology class in First year when I asked for your phone number. You looked soo cute when you shouted at me, ‘Don’t bother me on phone or keep calling, okie.” I never thought we would become such good friends on G-chat and we’ve known each other for ten years now. Wow! Time is such a bitch! It was as if we met yesterday only.

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You may or may not read this Unsent Letter and if you did, I know what you will say, ‘So Cute.’ You know how I hate it when people, especially, gals call me cute coz I know I am not cute or handsome at all. Haha! How did we become friends? Certainly, not on internet. Well! We have a common interest, writing and film-making. My complaint with you is that you don’t have a blog or write so much since you are such a good writer. Films?! Who doesn’t love films? You are a trained film-maker and I remembered how we discussed films during one of our rare conversation in college. Now, don’t ask me how we became friends coz I don’t remember now and there is no point scratching my head to refresh the memory.

Ya! We met in Mumbai quite often over coffee at Barista and hanging around at Marine Drive sharing our dreams to make things happen for us in Mumbai. We dreamed of the day we will be able to afford expensive dinner at Intercontinental Hotel near Marine Drive and the time, both of us will be in the film industry. Then, I moved away from Mumbai and we became amazing friends on G-chat, chatting with each other throughout the day and night. Our friendship reached a new level through internet and we were like people who never actually meet.  The day becomes so weird if we miss chatting with each other and it looks like we have a date over chat, without being romantically involved.  We were good friends but internet brought us closer to each other as we share our moments of happiness and sadness. Wow! If the internet could reveal our secrets, we would be nowhere! Na ghar ka na ghaat ka! You bet! You know very well what we are speaking about! Don’t freak out Miss, I am not spilling the beans and you can rest assured.

M! What do you make of our silly banter through Mr G-chat? Just imagine, there was no net or cellphone, would we become such great friends?  Listening to each other and whining about things in life would be a distant dream, right! Perhaps, I would have spoken to your picture, haha and writing a letter that would have taken ages to reach you. Gosh! I am not revealing anything in this letter, considering I had a crush on you twice and proposed to you once. Needless to say, I was rejected, haha! It is a good thing that you rejected me. Till then! Can’t wait for the next net date in few hours. Hoping we meet again in Mumbai and Pune, like we did two years back. I pray that our dreams will one day become true where we will conquer Mumbai. Yes! We Will!

In response to The Write Tribe challenge: Unsent Letters  by Santulan on ‘Your sibling (or closest cousin) / Your favorite internet friend’, my prompt is on my favorite internet friend and close friend, M. I hope you enjoy my challenge. Gosh! Hope M is not reading this.





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14 thoughts on “WriteTribe’s Letters Unsent 3: Letter to M

  1. That truly was such a cute letter and I sure do hope M does read it 😀 Am sure she will enjoy it as much as the rest of your readers 🙂

  2. No other word comes to mind except.. well.. cute. It’s wonderful when friendships can look beyond the awkwardness of rejected proposals and turn into something meaningful. Those are the enduring ones.

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